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Saddest Crying


Genres: Alternative / Rock

Location: Thailand

Stats: 26 fans / 1,908 plays / 2 plays today






Members: Pun - Guitar/Vocals, Upip - Drums, Mac - Bass

Saddest Crying started from the band called 'Babylon', there were Van (Sandman), Upip, Jeem, Tab and Tom. After Tom went to USA, Pun have joined the band as guitarist. For a year after, there were only 2 dudes in the band, Pun and Ip. Both want to build the new band that have their own favorite genre, then the band call 'Saddest Crying' was born. Pun and Ip, they invited the old friends from 'Babylon' Jeem and Tab for the first moment of the band but both have resigned, they have to find someone else. They found 'Peugeot' for bassist and 'Jeff' for guitarist but both have their personal reason to depart again, then they found Mac who is the appropriate guy to go along with the band!, Saddest Crying current line-up is Pun-Vocals/Guitars, Upip-Drums and Mac-Guitars.

See more info at www.myspace.com/saddestcrying



  • Suicidezation said:
    omg.. You boys r fucking rock.... better than all of those stupid big label bands in Thailand...you guys are a breath of fresh air. Love y\'all Sep 10
  • BrokenLily said:
    Hey you guys are pretty cool. =) ♥ Jul 15
  • Naymless said:
    you guyz are pretty good, even better than most american bands. I\'m suprised other people haven\'t discovered you yet, but don\'t worry you guyz are too good to just pass by. Mar 14


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2006 New York City plane crash, United States


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