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Genres: Metal / Alternative / Progressive

Location: Rosario, Argentina

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4 tracks

Members: Estanislao Silveyra, Martin Guerrero, Agustin Sedano Acosta, Diego Cipolla

The Story so far:
In 2003 Talo Silveyra and Martín Guerrero got together aiming to create a rock band. In the early days they were playing some covers and starting to write their own music. The band was named Sacrum.
For a very long time, they were composing and writing, brushing up their work and became more influenced by different music and styles such as rock, pop, metal, ambient, progressive, etc.
After a long search, Nicolás Gighlione (former drummer) joined the band and Sacrum recorded their first EP called Transgenia, receiving great comments on it. They were still looking for bass and keyboard players to complete the band and start to play live. In 2006 Gighlione quit the band, but that same year Mariano Herraiz (former keyboardist) and Diego Cipolla (Bass) joined in.
In 2005, after some try-outs, the drummer's seat was finally taken by Agustín Sedano Acosta, completing the line-up. By then, Sacrum started to rehearsal some songs and they finally got to play live during the 2005 and 2006. We could say that was the time Sacrum was born as a band, even though the idea started before in 2003.
After their first live performances, Sacrum decides to move to the next step and enters the studio to start recording their first studio album called Cognition. The production/artistic/recording/mixing/mastering process took almost a year so it was finally released on January 1st 2008. Inmediately the band received distro offerings in Germany and the US, great feedbacks, reviews and interviews request (check out the PRESS page at: www.sacrumsite.com).
In 2008 Sacrum is chosen to open a Dream Theater concert at Luna Park (Buenos Aires), that gave them a great chance to be heard by thousands of people, although Sacrum was not able to display their whole show playing as a supporting band.
That same year the band decides to split up from Mariano Herraiz due to artistic differences, meanwhile they were still preparing a big show in Buenos Aires and recording new tunes which they brought them out in a virtual single form, this was called Survive and it is available to download only on iTunes and Amazon.
On September, they performed live again at the ND Ateneo theater to present Cognition officialy and new songs of the upcoming album. The show made a big impact on people and local press, it was a great success and Sacrum definitely started a new stage.
At present Sacrum is recording the new album which will be out in 2009 and always creating new ideas for future shows, so keep an eye on our news and get ready for more!

Live Video: Made As One (Opening for Dream Theater)


  • Donte G' (Gordito) said:
    Def sounds great to me guys... instant fav. I a huge lover of rock/metal music my self as well as a former drummer. Keep it up. Jul 13
  • p00chie-tux said:
    Excelentes canciones y sonido. cuando tocan por buenos aires? Date una vuelta por lo nuestro purevolume.com/tux Gracias / AdiĆ³s! May 12
  • UnderOath Fan 4ever said:
    pretty good music! Jul 06
  • XxRavenousxX said:
    i give props on the guitar pretty bad ass Mar 06
  • Exit Reality said:
    Very solid music. Best stuff I\'ve heard in a while, you guys are excellent musicians. Will definitely check your album out when it\'s released, keep it up. Oct 16
  • Whiplord said:
    Love the music guys. Great variety with the instrument and very clear vocals. Keep it up. :) Oct 13

Survive (Single)

Aug 01, 2008


Nov 01, 2007

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