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Help save Your Crops With Foliar Feeding

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Foliar Feeding provides the vegetation what they will need at the right time, with the added certainty that the fertilizer will be used.


The best way to foliar feed is to use a "pump sprayer" or any kind of sprayer that provides a fantastic mist spray that coats leaves nicely. A smaller 1 gallon sprayer is all most householders would need to have, but a hand set off sprayer would function for quite little locations or potted outside and indoor vegetation.

This is where most of the pores (stomata) are. You can foliar feed all the shrubs, crops, flowers, veggies and trees in your property. When you use our liquid garden fertilizers and permit the fertilizer sit on the grass blades for the day, you are in fact Foliar Feeding the grass as properly.

What to Use

All fertilizer labels are required to exhibit percentages of the 3 major nutrients - Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash - in that precise buy. So a fifteen-5-10 fertilizer indicates fifteen% Nitrogen, 5% Phosphorus and 10% Potash. Superior fertilizers will also include an assortment of trace things and substances that make it a much more full fertilizer.

Nitrogen = Development

Encouraged Solutions:

  • sixteen-four-eight

  • Fish Emulsion

  • ten-8-eight

To promote expansion of all vegetation, like lawns, you will need a great deal of Nitrogen. Nitrogen dominant fertilizers can be utilised in the growth or servicing stage for all plants, grasses, trees, shrubs and greens. If you are working with flowering plants, which include greens and trees, use the Nitrogen dominant fertilizers up until you see buds forming. Other web site you may well be involved in oil palm plantation.

Our 16-four-eight Bio-Increased Fertilizer is our most well-liked Nitrogen fertilizer. If you want to adhere with genuine organics, use the Fish Emulsion, a 5-one-one fertilizer. If you want some development, but want to increase in some extra phosphorus as the plants get to the end of their development phase, use our all-function ten-eight-eight Bio-Increased fertilizer.

Phosphorus = Production (flower and fruit formation)

Recommended Products:

  • 6-fourteen-six

  • 10-eight-8

When you see buds forming and through the time you want to keep flowers blooming, you want to source the plant with Phosphorus. Our 6-fourteen-six Bio-Enhanced Fertilizer is our major phosphorus fertilizer, and can be utilised throughout the flowering phase of your plants or trees. Quite a few householders and growers use this during the summer months on their roses, and continuous blooming annuals and perennials. A second option for a Phosphorus fertilizer is our 10-eight-8.

Potash = Fruit Growth

Advised Items:

  • ten-eight-8

  • Nature's Magic

When the fruit or vegetable is properly shaped, you want to make confident there is plenty of Potash to enable it end off or modify to the correct shade. Our ten-eight-eight is great for this, specifically if other fruits are constantly forming on the plant. Some further Nature's Magic will supply a little bit more Potash and a host of trace components.

From time to time, when you know that you have fertilized your plants well and dampness is not a difficulty, the vegetation nonetheless go through from poor coloration or deformed fruit. If your soil is acidic, it may possibly be lacking in Calcium.

Posted Apr 25, 2013 at 6:46am