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Sabbath Crow

Sure would like to see you down on your knees.


Genres: Rock / Psychedelic / Southern Rock

Location: Austin, TX

Stats: 4 fans / 290 plays / 10 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Kristin "Crowfire" Bybee - bass, J. Crow Bybee - guitar, vocals, Jeff Chavez - drums

Hard and heavy rock trio currently based out of Austin, TX. Kristin & J. rockin' together since 1998...from Santa Cruz to New Orleans to Austin, TX!

In New Orleans, Sabbath Crow started up in 2005 with drummer, Collin Rooker (Joe King Carrasco, 9th Ward Marching Band, Life Without Elvis, Krewe of the Rolling Elvi) until Hurricane Katrina.

Moved to Austin, TX, played with drummer, Ric Furley (Junior Brown, Two Hoots and a Holler) from 2006 - 2011.

Current drummer is Jeff Chavez (former High Divers, Dixie Waste, Dresden 45, Condemned Unit) from 2011 to present.

Sabbath Crow has shared the stage with world-renowned artists such as MOD, ALL, Zoroaster, Blood of the Sun, The Bulemics, The Chumps, The Altercation Punk Comedy Tour, Maligno, Lower Class Brats, Belligerant 86, Cunto!, El Pathos (feat. member of Cat Butt), The Midnight Ghost Train, Dixie Witch, Honky (feat. members of Melvins, Down & Butthole Surfers), Killa Maul (feat. Jason McMaster), Ghoultown, Hazard County Girls, One Eyed Doll, Shadow Reichenstein, Sad Wings (feat. Jason McMaster), Two Fisted Law, Say Hello to the Angels, Tia Carrera, Amplified Heat, The Blood Royale, Mala Suerte, Brewtality, Inc., Flametrick Subs, Pocket FishRmen, The Drunks, SuperHeavyGoatAss, The Blue Flames, Old & Ill, Texxxas (feat. members of Bowel), Carbellion, Adrian & the Sickness, Maneaters of Tsavo, Rhoades D'Ablo & the Devil's Right Hand (feat. members of Rock City Morgue), Doom Siren, The Dirty Charley Band.



Nothin' but the Bones

May 24, 2014


Nov 26, 2011

4 Seasons in Hell

Apr 15, 2007


Portsmouth, United Kingdom


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David Hewsten

Nottingham, United Kingdom

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