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Sabaothic Cherubim

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Genres: Death Metal / Death Metal / Death Metal

Location: Belcamp, MD

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4 tracks

Members: Andrew Phillips - Vocals/Guitars , Raymond Kratochvil - Guitars , Alex Paul - Bass, Chris Donlon - Drums (Courtesy of Beta Monkey)

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Originally formed back in early 1990 under the name "Cherubim", and shortly after changed to "Sabaothic Cherubim". The band was started by Andrew Phillips when Grindcore/Death Metal was still somewhat "underground". The band was originally "birthed" after hearing bands like Vengeance Rising and Death (Chuck was an awesome guitarist). Between 1990 and 1994 the band recorded several low quality demo tapes which included the debut "Decomposed Remains" and followed by "Covered In Blood". The band broke up in 1994, and had recorded a total of 6 demo tapes ( Decomposed Reamains, Covered In Blood, Beltane Ritual, Decapitation!, The Gate Keeper and Decomposed Remains-Remastered). The first 5 tapes were recorded in Perry Hall, MD and the last one "Decomposed Remains - Remastered" was recorded in Columbus, OH. By 1994, Sabaothic Cherubim had raised the quality of their song writing and the quality of their recordings, but due to personal interests the band broke up. In 2005, Andrew returned to the Death Metal scene with multiple songs already written and joined back up with Shane to resurrect Sabaothic Cherubim. In May of 2006, Andrew began recording "Where The Blood Flows"; it was finished on June, 11, 2006. This was Sabaothic Cherubim's first digitally recorded CD and consisted of 5 songs: Where The Blood Flows, Eternally Damned, Tortured Existence, Dispose of The Dead and Sabaothic Cherubim. The entire CD was performed, recorded, edited and produced by Andrew himself. Sabaothic Cherubim entered the studio once again in the Spring of 2007, and recorded their heaviest album to date. This CD is a full length compilation and is an awesome addition to the music of Grindcore/Death Metal/Black Metal fans. Sabaothic Cherubim also filmed a video for the song Decomposed Remains. This is the last track on the newly released album - Beyond The Baphomet. The CD was released August 2007. It contains 11 tracks; 1 Intro and 10 songs. In January 2008, Shane decided to part ways with the band due to pursuing a career within a different field. Although he will not be part of Sabaothic Cherubim "musically", he will continue to be part of the band on a "QA" basis. His decades of experience within the Death Metal genre will provide vital input as the band moves forward. Shane was replaced by Death Metal guitarist Raymond Kratochvil. Raymond brings a new level of creativity to the band with his guitar playing skills. In April 2008, the band added bassist Alex Paul to it's lineup. May 2008, Sabaothic Cherubim released the video for The Passing (the 4th track on the "Beyond The Baphomet" album). Sabaothic Cherubim is currently in the studio working on their next album, Liberation Of The Tsalmaveth Dwellers. This is due to be released in late 2009; it will contain 13 tracks of intense Death Metal. The band also plans to release a video prior to the release of the album.