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Genres: Indie / Rock / Emo

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Members: Ryan C.

CD released!
Hey, I finally got my CDs back from the duplication service. I'm sellng them for $5 each. That's eight tracks for five bucks. No shipping charge either.
So send your five dollar bills (along with the address of where to send the CD) to:

414 N Meridian St. No. 5021
Newberg, OR


The Legend of the Rye...
A long long time ago, in a distant land of magic and wizardry...
There was a mage whose voice was his power, and, even more than his voice, the words he spoke with it and the manner in which he spoke them. For his words were words of Power, passed down to him by the Sages who ruled the Darke and Treacherous Hills of Yggdrasil's Root. Armed with a six-stringed Wand and a weighty Tome on which was engraved the Image of the Forbidden Fruit, the Fruit of Knowledge, he slew many a mighty Beast and Foe, delving deep into the Underbelly of the World, below even the Roots of Yggdrasil, to discover the Hidden Truths that bind man to man and sky to sky.
Emerging at last a near two decades later, exhausted by his Journey, weakened by the ill-nourshing Food of the Undead, and half mad with Forbidden Knowledge, he was apprehended by the Ruthless and Sinister Lord of the North. His Wand and Tome confiscated, he awaits now for his Strength to be Restored and his Salvation to draw nigh...

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    sounds pretty good. Oct 10


Oct 14, 2006