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Ryan Watanabe & Sean Naficy

Our Ep "Overflow" is done! Check under Albums!


Genres: Acoustic / Pop Punk

Location: Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Stats: 0 fans / 96 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Ryan Watanabe, Sean Naficy, Jesus Jimenez

Hey! So I'm Ryan Watanabe (15) and my songwriting partner is Sean Naficy (15) and we just two guys making music. I'm the singer and guitarist while Sean is the pianist. We are frequently joined by the violin prodigy Jesus Jimenez (15) on stage and in the recording studio. Our stuff is mainly acoustic pop/rock with some classical influences thanks to Sean and Jesus. We have currently finished tracking our upcoming EP "Beautiful Lies" and are just putting on the finishing touches. We are hoping to play some shows at the end of the summer but we more importantly hope you enjoy the music!