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Location: Joliet, IL

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Members: greg, terry, nick


TERRY MORROWGuitar/vocals

Submission is nowhere in our plan, declares guitarist/vocalist Terry Morrow on End Is Here, the opener of Ryans Hopes new album Apocalypse In Increments, and it couldnt be truer for the Chicago trio. Formed in 2002 as a pop-punk band of metalheads sick of that scene, the group have grown into so much more: Theyre a songwriting machine pumping out melodic punk-metal gems. This band will not let up until everyone knows their name.

The word has been spreading, and Alternative Press is doing their part, handpicking them to play a stint on Warped Tour in 2003 and putting them in their 100 Bands You Need to Know list for 2006. Skratch, AMP and Jaded In Chicago have featured the band, and the internet has been abuzz as well. The staff at Punknews.org had taken noticethe bands debut full-length, the Double Zero Records-released The Trials Of Recession, made one writers best-album list, and editor Scott Heisel crowned them Best Unsigned Band of 2004. So when Punknews Records started up, the pairing made perfect sense.

Snapcase, Metallica, black metal like Emperor and Dimmu Borgir, spooky punk like Misfits and AFIthats what these guys grew up on. Yet, they also love the pop hook of bands like Ramones, the Living End and Smoking Popes. Morrow, bassist Nick McLenighan and drummer Greg Alltop had done the hardcore thing for years, so in early 2002, the trio choose to go in a more melodic direction. While they honed their pop skills, they never forgot their hard rootsand all the speed, breakdowns and blistering solos that came with it. But one April night, the members were struck by tragedyRyan McCarroll, a friend and early supporter of the new group, was killed in a car accident; the band choose to name their new group in his honor. Morrow explains: We each faced great sadness and grief with losing Ryan, and relied heavily on each other in dealing with our loss, and our reliance ultimately became focused on our music. And the band have used their music as catharsis, over the course of two self-released EPs and The Trials Of Recession. But with Apocalypse In Increments, the band take their biggest musical step forward yet.

The new album finds Ryans Hope sounding more focused than ever. Returning to producer Dan Precision (ex-88 Fingers Louie, Rise Against, Break The Silence), the trio sculpted a disc that is thick and powerful, but never overdone. The Carpathian takes everything Ryans Hope are experts at and runs it through a juicer in an easily digestible two minutes and 40 seconds. Drink it down: Metallic guitar riffage impresses while McLenighans bass and Alltops drums thump as one, and quickly switch it up to a blistering beat. The chorus opens up into stomping staccato down-strokes. Someday Ill come alive and poison the world with my desire, Morrow wails.

Hitting you hard but leaving you humming afterward, expect Apocalypse In Increments to please all kinds of fans of punk and heavy music. If youre not tapping your feet and playing air guitar by the end of this 33-minute monster, the volume on your stereo simply isnt loud enough. Crank it up, close your eyes, and remember when punk rock meant somethingRyans Hope remember, too.



  • taintedxxlove said:
    i love you guys. aaaawesome music. Jul 09
  • 1 2 3 4........FLIP!!! said:
    Add Snakes on a plane! That song is good, like the rest of your music! Sep 11
  • said:
    you guys kick ass. my friends are gonna love you :] Jun 12
  • The_Shape_Of_Punk_To_Come said:
    I love EVERY song on the new album! May 18
  • crazypaigee85 said:
    You guys are really great! It was very cool seeing you in AP magazine. I met one of you a long time ago in Office Max and you told me about your band lol. I\'m glad you did!!! May 08
  • takingchase said:
    wow, in a scene becoming too overcrowded with gimmicks and fashion it\'s good to hear some good ass punk music. Keep up the good work guys. May 06
  • sweetface said:
    you guys are simply amazing. May 02
  • pbdante said:
    OMG i have been a fan for a while, once I heard \"by the sword\" my mind was BLOWN. There is no other way to decribe it but than AWSOME!!! Mar 23

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