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Russia Saturn


Genres: Indie / Jazz / Acoustic

Location: Roseville, CA

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Members: Rachelle Ashman

Russia Saturn doesn't exist in the sense that you or I exist, but then, she doesn't do many things in the sense that you or I do them.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland sometime next year, she spins at approximately 120RPMs and sometimes 70BPMs unless, of course, she's practising her REMs, in which case, she is silent.

Despite her perfectly polished California accent her Scottish post-heritage has given her a frighteningly skewed perspective on music, shoes, and typing. All three figure occasionally in her songwriting; only the first two have figured in her performances thus far. But there's still hope.

While some would debate the possibility of the existence of intellectual bubblegum pop music, they would do it outside, far enough from the open window that we won't hear them. At all. Rush (I call her Rush) feels strongly that happy can be smart and smart can be fun and fun can be Oriental. Oriented. Ore-Ida. (I wasn't listening very closely at this point, so I'll get back to you on what, exactly, fun can be.)

Please feel free to consult a dictionary, now, or while listening. Please communicate. Rush, secretive and private as she is, still loves to pretend to answer emails (or, occasionally, pretend not to answer emails.)

She no longer performs in public. It didn't seem to affect the Beatles' popularity, so she's banking on a happy accidental coincidence.

Oh; she says she loves you, and hopes that thing at the place with those people works out exactly like you hoped, because that's what hope is for.



Demos 2010

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