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Ruins Of Tomorrow

First EP, "In This Horror" Coming Dec. 3rd 2010


Genres: Metal / Hardcore / Death Metal

Location: Garden City, CO

Stats: 266 fans / 2,110 plays / 14 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Trax Henderson, Kyle Kelley, Ricky Casdorph, Nate Hall, Trent Hayes, Teddy Franco

Hailing from Colorado, Ruins of Tomorrow delivers a sound that is as heavy as the infamous mountains that define the band's state. Combining the catchy, driving rhythms of hardcore and the technicality of death metal, ROT has carved out a niche in an otherwise overcrowded genre. Seldom used to any band's advantage, Ruins of Tomorrow is a dual vocal wielding band that truly uses the power and range that a two-vocalist band should. ROT capitalizes on this with Trax Henderson's brutal commanding lows and mid-range screams, while Kyle Kelley's terrifying shrieks and crushing growls will leave you battered and broken. All six members blend their talents to form tightly knit melodies and a live experience that is hard to rival. Ruins of Tomorrow never ceases to provide crowds with an in-your-face energy that reverberates throughout the entire venue.

With a number of self-booked tours under their belts, and the recent release of their debut EP "In This Horror," Ruins of Tomorrow shows a dedication and work ethic of a band determined for success. A solid supporting fan base, not only in their home state, but the surrounding mid-west shows a love of the band's authenticity and heavy music. Taking tremendous pride in their aggressive, energetic, and crowd involving live shows, Ruins of Tomorrow always leaves a show with new friends and fans. Always sharing their experiences and love for what they do, ROT maintains a strong web presence in order to stay connected with fans anywhere from Iowa to Indonesia.

Ruins of Tomorrow is looking up with determination in their eyes and a monumental sound and attitude to propel them forward.



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  • xXxKinkyKaylaxXx said:
    Very Brutal. My Type Of Music. :]] May 05
  • Jikko said:
    fuckin brutal! me like! :D Feb 27
  • mumoxy said:
    ngeeeeeeeee! Feb 23
  • João Paulo Barros said:
    Br00tal. (: Jul 23
  • ryan S said:
    nice :) Jul 16
  • Neil said:
    sick shit dudes.............http://www.purevolume.com/beyondthepalemetal Jul 05
  • Lubhe said:
    haha..thanks bro,i'll waiting for the "magic powers" from ur songs,while I'm listening..play in Indonesia someday \m/ Jul 05
  • annSANITY! said:
    Brutal ;]] Jul 02
  • Lubhe said:
    hahha..thanks for the comment dude..nice songs anyway,kick ass \m/ Jun 30
  • Djentleman said:
    the musics sounds like deathcore! x bad! keep it up! \m/ Jun 29
  • chelsea said:
    wow, you guys kickkazzz O___O i like a lot..... Jun 28
  • Omg it's a MEXican said:
    sick sound guys, love it Jun 28
  • jeremiah (screamer of skies turn skarlet) said:
    i love it great job keep it up im a fan Jun 28
  • angelea. said:
    nice *thumbs up* Jun 07
  • Anthony Shields (Bleeding The Fifth) said:
    Fucking brutal guys! Check out my band Bleeding the fifth! And if you guys ever want to book a show in the Cleveland, Oh area let me know ill help you guys out the metal scene around here is intense! Apr 12

In This Horror

Dec 03, 2010

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