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From PEP Guardiola's point of view, our team is not 10 players and 1 goalkeeper, but 11 players on the field. Guardiola is my style, I am also very pleased to be in such an attitude to play. Game in our possession more than 70%, so I can take a chance. Alien adventure is an advantage for me in the eyes, I can benefit from the protection goal. In the Nick of time, I would like to make the right decision. Neuer in the interview talked about the topic of Golden Globes, he said being a goalkeeper can make final three-man squad was a great success, he said his teammates are also eligible to win the prize, for a goalie, and entered the list of the final trio is very easy. This experience is very special to me, I feel very proud, very grateful for everyone's appreciation. It was a huge success, my teammates in the national team was made possible by this time, that I owe you.  air max direct  Of course, if other Germany players should be winning, and both Bayern Dortmund player, I get happy. The final stage of last season's English Premier League title race, Liverpool's home defeat to Chelsea, soul of Steven Gerrard accidentally slipped, oolong tea assists Baba scoring efforts throughout the season and the reds, it is Gerrard nearest the Premiership again. Gerrard said: it was the worst of my life for 3 months. In the life of everyone on this planet will slip, both fell off his chair was thrown to the ground, and I slipped on the pretty bad moments on the Court.

Ronaldo although not often play soccer after retiring, but at the football game, Screamer by virtue of their years of playing experience as a player. It is learnt that recently big in their own home in a FIFA15 game with the eldest son, Ronaldo chose to use Real Madrid, and his eldest son, choose to use the Barca, final score vary widely, Ronaldo Real Madrid defeats the eldest son of 7-1 control of Barcelona. After the end of the game, Screamer excited will bask in the score of the game on their own social networks, but also at the bottom of the picture to write to: student gives teacher a lesson. Come on, Madrid. I was the student. Big words can be seen in his words to his eldest son, surely this little guy in games against his dad, so Ronaldo son to contest in their own way. But because of the involvement of Real Madrid and Barcelona, two friends ' team, so some Barcelona fans for Screamer is very angry, and in some red and blue hearts of iron powder, Screamer is laughing at Enrique coached Barcelona. But on the other hand, 7-1 's score is very sensitive. At this year's World Cup semi-final, Ronaldo's homeland Brazil team lost by the same score to later world champions Germany.

Furthermore, we were crowned champions for the 10th time this year, after many years of hard work that paid, we finally harvested fruit, we can see that excite millions of supporters worldwide. However, Real Madrid would not prosper, now everyone looks forward to winning for the 11th time, and we will continue to work hard, in fact we really are doing this right now. Real Madrid Captain Iker Casillas says Christmas this year air max thea  compared with previous years is different, much more passion in life, we are enjoying. This is undoubtedly an unforgettable year, we won the Championship, I hope that, by the year 2015, when we still with that same passion to achieve greater success, we hope that the defending champions, we strive to go to Berlin and 11th lifting the Champions League trophy. Vice Captain Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid said: Real Madrid is making history, we got four Championships, refresh with a winning streak, occupy the top of the La Liga, Real Madrid would never allow any future title passed, we must also see that we originally expected to win La Liga and the West Super Cup this year, but I am very happy on the achievements made so far.


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