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Symbols Of Roses

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While every flower includes a wonderful story to tell, the most well-liked long Rose is a who may have been assigned a meaning to everyone of its colors. We chose to provide it with preferential treatment and also have it dedicated space to cover tribute for the richness of its symbolism.
At Repentigny Florist we choose to improve your knowledge around the signification of flowers.
Whatever the hue of their own beauty and their subtle fragrance, they convey a guaranteed to elicit joy and gratitude of the potential message. Should you be looking for the way to incorporate a little bit more in your silent message feeling, here's a list of meanings linked to the different colors of roses.

 The red rose
There is nothing secret about love and red rose. The festival of Valentine's would hardly exist without this bold flower and somewhat dramatic. Ultimate symbol of romantic love and enduring passion, the red rose also about respect and the creative spirit of love. Representing stronger than thorns, the red rose is well known and appreciated universally soul mates.
 Symbols Of Roses
 The White Rose
Representing peace, humility, purity and innocence, the white rose is a symbol of truth and integrity. It sends a note of loyalty towards the recipient and says "I am value you."

 The pink rose
Symbolizing gentility, femininity, elegance and refinement, the pink rose also carries additional meanings depending on its hue. An in-depth pink conveys gratitude and appreciation, while pale shades connote gentleness, admiration and happiness.

 The Yellow Rose
Whilst in Victorian times, the yellow rose symbolized jealousy, today it represents friendship, joy and compassion. A bouquet of these flowers color sun gives warmth, gladness and affection.

 The orange rose
Using its warm and vibrant tone, orange rose symbolizes enthusiasm and desire. Should you be looking for the way to convey admiration and attraction, send a bouquet filled with these fiery blooms. She wears a underlying message of passion and excitement.

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 The purple rose
Certainly the most mystical rose found, its symbolism is related to the enchantment and magic. It mean THE, subtlety, modesty, simplicity and style. At its destination, it sends a message of love, inner strength and serenity.

symbolism of a rose
Symbols Of Roses

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Posted Aug 30, 2013 at 5:40am