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Released Jun 13, 2006

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Comments (6)

  • startingline6788 said:
    The songs are not bad but i feel like I could listen to 15 other bands and hear the same thing....good songs...maybe try to throw in more originality on the next cd. Jul 28
  • Mystri said:
    deffinate Heartbreak im sad album hits the mood well good for those times Jun 17
  • lilpyro said:
    i really like it!....when i get some money..ill buy it :) Jun 16
  • freder1 said:
    At times while listening to this new release i find myself wondering: \"are these guys making the same mistakes they made on \'heartbreaks and handshakes\' \" all the while the question of whether or not Vincent Minervino can actually sing, at times, it seems is rearing its ugly head all over again.. at other times the definitve answer is \"YES\".. this kid can sing, because after \'H&H\' that was really the only question left for Roses are Red to answer which they did with \'Conversations\' at least enough to have some of us looking forward to another release.. so whats the verdict on \'What Became of Me\'? They have definately slowed their stuff down.. Beautiful production and instrumentation all over again and if you can just sort of weed through the moments where Vinny just doesn\'t seem to be on you\'ll find that, with the help of some beautiful harmonizing back-up vocs, he\'s on more often than not and that the good parts of this album far outweigh the bad.. but thats just me.. \"The Last Time\" could be a classic. Jun 13
  • IAMURDAD8 said:
    its ok. nothing i would buy though. Jun 13
  • I'm never gonna be perfect so i dont deserve his trust said:
    From what i\'ve heard of this it\'s really great. :) I love it Jun 13