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Genres: Rock / Progressive / Pop Punk

Location: Orlando, FL

Stats: 2,771 fans / 306,792 plays / 149 plays today





12 tracks

Members: Marc S., Joel, Jeremy, Chris, Jordan

Our newest cd, "We're Up To No Good, We're Up To No Good." is in stores right now! It can be found at Best Buy, FYE, Sam Goody and everywhere fine music is sold. If your local shop doens't carry it, help us out and ask them to order it!

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As each person has a plan and each plan has a goal, the members of Rory, Chris Moore, Jeremy Menard, Marc Ispass, Joel Setzer, and Jordan Shroyer, arrive together with the goal of creating a musical aura not only to be heard, but to be felt . Sensationalizing with melodic guitar-playing, dreamy vocals, and decorative rhythm, juxtaposed with technical riffs, lung-wrenching screams, and rhythmic barrages, Rory shines on a new facet to the ever-expanding rock and roll genre.

Rock-borne in 1998, Rory has been making continuous progress. Surely, they are not the first band to spend 5 years, constantly building and rebuilding, writing and rewriting, forming and reforming, but central Florida rock band Rory is the rising band that no one should pass up experiencing. With the oldest member at just 21 years old, and the youngest barely old enough to vote, the amount of experience the band has collectively is sure to shock everyone. With close to 30 years of combined band experience, each member brings a hearty portion of skill, creativity, and work ethic to the table. Upon striking gold with a sound line-up of members, Rory has been traveling the country, making fans out of whole audiences, earning respect, and, as no band is ever done doing, learning and growing.

Rory's live show is the backbone of their music. It's energetic and intense but maintains the style and beauty of a Swan Lake performance. The band tours nationally and has shared the stage with the likes of fall out boy, less than jake, the spill canvas, self against city, this day & age, rookie of the year, and more.

Rory is heavily influenced from both modern alternative rock and the indie rock scene. The band roughly describes their music as catchy indie/core; but hopes for their music to be enjoyed by audiences from various demographics. Rory has been compared to the likes of Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Finch, Deftones, The Foo Fighters, and Alkaline Trio.

Thanks to unyielding drive, classical music training, and youthful views, Rory smiles widely with accomplished feats that only a band with immense independent strength could produce. With these powers combined, Rory will not be overshadowed or stand to be ignored.

Rory's new album, we're up to no good, we're up to no good", was produced by Mark Hoppus (Blink-182/Plus 44) and John Avila (Oingo Boingo).

Rory Ringtones And Wallpaper At MobileThreat.net!

Devin Lima & The Cadbury Diesel
The Exit Radio
The Reign of Kindo
Rookie of the Year
The Spill Canvas
Thin Dark Line
This Day & Age


  • Jason said:
    Be sure to check out The Prelude at www.purevolume.com/thepreluderock They have a new Ep coming out September 1st and they are going on tour with surprise bands very soon. They are leaking their music on purevolume only so take a listen and give them support. I can't wait to see them on tour!!!! Jul 24
  • Brittany said:
    i liiiiike it. ;] Aug 07
  • Snuggleblade said:
    purevolume.com/snuggleblade Jun 27
  • KaiteMarie said:
    you guys are really good May 24
  • Tessa said:
    I am head over heels... Apr 15
  • Tessa said:
    I am head over heels... Apr 15
  • EliInTheSky said:
    ur tunes make me stokd Feb 24
  • duprass4bliss said:
    I heard you guys broke up, but since you're playing shows I'll assume I was mislead or you got back together. Either way, I couldn't be happier. Hopefully you come to Buffalo soon, I'd like to check you guys out live. Feb 19
  • Casey said:
    I just picked up a copy of "We're up to no good". I found you guys on Pandora playing on my Alkaline Trio list. Your album is sick. I don't know how I never heard about you guys before. Hope you guys come out to Los Angeles. Nov 17
  • Aly.Zor said:
    You guys kick serious ass. Come to Chicago? Oct 28
  • KATE / ☮ said:
    SO goood Sep 18
  • Zo-Ay! said:
    You guys are good. :] Put up some shows, pretty please, so I can come see you? :D Apr 04
  • life is a beautiful tragedy said:
    I so love u guy omg omg i just past through ur pg by mistake but i guess its fate as they say Mar 10
  • girls and champagne said:
    Dec 16
  • best friends X-friends till the end said:
    i love kind of like chlorifirmity(cheers to another one) Jun 23

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