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Room of whateva


Genres: Alternative / Experimental

Location: Finland

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4 tracks

Members: Jade

Room of whateva makes wizard rock (i.e. music inspired by the Harry Potter series) and occasionally songs inspired by other fandoms.

If you like what you hear, "like" me on Facebook so you get to know about new songs and other things. You can also follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/roomofwhateva

Join my mailing list to get news before anyone else and extra special bonus content ;) When you join you a get an electronic song demo titled "Without magic" from my upcoming album! http://roomofwhateva.fanbridge.com

You can listen to all my songs here on Purevolume, just choose an album on the right --->
In the player, you can find lyrics to each song by clicking the triangle shaped icon.

wrockBOX contest!
If you spot a song of mine which nobody else hasn't yet spotted on wrockBOX, and let me know, you win a custom made impro wrock song! Songs that have been spotted: Sock and How
Check out & download for free the impro songs I've made on the right -->
- The Adventure of Big Longbottom
- A little golden ball you are
Via the same link you can also check out my Impro Ficsong, which is basically a continuous, improvised, slightly profane parody fanfic in audio format with speech & song parts.


House of Whateva is an upcoming album/EP in 2011, and it's gonna be mostly electronic music. My single with that same name can be downloaded on my Bandcamp (where I'll try to post more songs in the future): http://roomofwhateva.bandcamp.com/track/house-of-whateva

Another album/EP will also be released in 2011, including guitar songs like "How" and acappella songs... and possibly new versions of songs from my first abum (which had kind of bad mic quality). Any suggestions for remakes are welcome!

Alteramentum, my second album with mostly guitar songs created by improvisation. Download for free here: http://www.mediafire.com/?6hyb8cg9c93c298 or individual songs via the album page ->

Flowing Enchantments, my first album with songs that are mostly singing group style acapella, most of it improvised. Download for free here: http://www.mediafire.com/?511981hfb9d21y0 or individual songs via the album page ->


Check out via the "songs that aren't on my albums page" - - >

Although my music is influenced by the Harry Potter series, I have nothing to do with the copyright and trademark holders of the Harry Potter franchise, and I do not claim to own any part of it