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Ron'z Project


Genres: Alternative / Pop / Indie

Location: Other

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Ron'z Project is a band player [guitarist], Sound Engineer [beginner] and Music Composer.
In this site, i will post all my project clips that have been done before to be comments and i also open for request of you: to be a part of your band as guitarist, compose and arranger for your songs, recording your songs. Just have contact guyz...

I would love to learn and share ideas, knowledge etc that related to music...


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Rock Your Heart
by Ron'z Project



  • IndyDerick said:
    Ronal, The music are full ot talent. It\'s amazing, that u can have a such briliant idea. But maybe for a litlte critic for the song with the title Hi,Sam. Hmm I like the music very much, it\'s so relaxing, it\'s rememmbering me to a shiny day, but the weaknes is by the Vocalist. I just feel that the voice is not so good, maybe if the vocalist could learn a better way to sing, he would be a good singer and match to the song. Mmm Katakan cinta, this song is also not bad, I think this song can be one of my favorit. The vocalist is a girl with an artist caliber. Old indian high-skull is a good song, I think this time u try a different style of music by mixing a modern music with a little bit Indian cult. Well the Indian-trompete is good but maybe u should change the instrument with a natural music-instrument.I think the voice would be better, o yeah at the end of this song, there is trompete voice there, it sounds like a Bread-seller (tukang roti) sorry no offence but it is better I think if u change it or maybe just delete it. Ratio of life, well this song is just the right song for young soul. No critic in this Song. I like it. And for all song with vocal in there, I think u should give a better Lyrics. Not just too focusing on the music but u should also thinking at the Lyric. A meaning full Lyric is also a plus Point bro Well Ronald, if I have 5 stars to give. I would give u 3 stars, it means not bad, it is good, but not to good. I can see a lot of chances in your Band, I think u would have a great future if u always try to advertise or anouncing the existance of this Band. And be an opened person for critics, coz critics are the best way to know the better way. Well bro, that\'s all from me now. 2 Stars to go to achive 5 stars and be a great artist, I proud to have a friend like u. Make more song for a better experince, and always practice your skill,never give up, keep creative okeey. Oyeah I`ll send a message to Mr Jeremy Booth, so he can also give his Oppinion about your Project. Okeeyyy keep up the spirit Mar 30