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Ronnie Day


Genres: Alternative / Folk Rock / Indie

Location: Redwood City, CA

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Members: Ronnie Day

My name is Ronnie.

AIM: SoundsLikeLife
Myspace: MySpace.com/RonnieDay
Facebook: Facebook.com/RonnieDay


  • Sergey said:
    where i can get a high quality cover of Nine Sleepless Nights? Nov 09
  • John Mesplay said:
    u should upload summer dreams :) May 19
  • Taigon said:
    nothing like secondhand serenade.. May 17
  • lysiegurl56 said:
    I agree with @SHONAYY, "Outside" was the very first song I heard by Ronnie, I'm obsessed with it! Apr 12
  • Deni said:
    just like secondhand serenade Jul 02
  • SHONAYYY said:
    what happened to "outside" dude that song is great Oct 19
  • Raphy Zamora said:
    Listening to your original "Broken" composition with John from your Sounds Like Life group has seriously amazed me. Broken is probably my top 3 favorite songs from Secondhand Serenade but after hearing the original performed by you two guys, WOW. I am so impressed and please make a song like "Broken" again. You were/are so inspiring. Feb 12
  • imnotonfirex4 said:
    This is fantastic! Jan 18
  • irishmate94 said:
    i love your voice, beautiful music all together! Nov 06
  • Jessica said:
    I love your music (: Aug 05
  • sid said:
    Absolutely perfect. Thank you Jul 13
  • abbeyrose said:
    XD Jun 22
  • Becca said:
    lovelove Not The Same. Apr 29
  • Josh said:
    it's refreshing to hear that people still play acoustic music like you do. and it sucks that sounds like life split up. i remember about 2 years ago hearing 'your call' and i couldn't stop listening to it - you probably hear things like this all the time, but that song definitely made a difference in my life. i guess all you can do is just keep playing, because you have an astounding sound to you, and it only gets better =) love the music man, keep it up ^_^ Feb 25
  • xjamienicole said:
    You\'re one of my all time favorite artists! I\'ve been listening to your music for a couple of years now, and I must say, every one of your songs are amazing! Esp Outside! keep up the good work :) Jan 21

The Album

Nov 14, 2006

Nine Sleepless Nights

Dec 31, 2005


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