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Genres: Indie / Psychedelic / Rockabilly

Location: LES, NYC, NY

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4 tracks

Members: moi, myself and eye

Rollo (pronounced rah-low), was my 2nd to last band, and this page lives on to honor it. I formed it, was its lead singer, co-songwriter/arranger and rhythm guitarist/bassist. You can see here how certain tunes of mine have lyrically and musically evolved from my bands Transit Belle to this one and then to Permission. The name Rollo I coined after my fave character on Sanford and Son (and esp. for a particularly memorable episode I saw as a lad where grass was mistook for salad). To hear more tunes of mine from Rollo, Transit Belle and Permission (and/or previous bands Hygiene, Lucan and others), read further press clippings, and for all other inquiries, please contact me via email at starna@gmail.com, at www.alexemanuel.com, on twitter (@rollomanhattan) or by phone @ 917-805-1169 -Alex Emanuel

"(Alex Emanuel)'s fist-in-the-eye brand of rock... raw, garge, punk rock, heavy on the 70s style but with enough of a modern slant to be interesting" -Splendid Ezine

".... rock n roll that doesnt try to do a billion things all at once and instead focuses on the one simple yet daunting task of capturing an audiences attention. They write nice floating melodies and have some pleasantly surprising hooks. Each song seems to get better than the last which shows a great sense of songwriting" -smother.net

"singer Alex Emanuel has a cocksure blues growl that hits it right on the head..." -Ewan Wadharmi, Hybrid Music reviews

"(The guitar) is joined by Alex Emanuel's vocals-equal parts gutter beg and glamour scoff" - Daniel Janoff/10x10 Magazine, Chicago

"Vocalist/bassist Alex Emanuel's unique, raspy snarl perfectly fits the mood as he moans about perversion and breakdowns ('I'm gonna make my breakdown, Im moving too fast')" -Dave Madden, Splendidezine.com

"Okay, read closely. I can't be absolutely positive, but I'm fairly certain that the lyric 'Ive just not, got the runs' appears (on the track, 'Live Wired'), and if that's the correct lyric, well, excellent, it means Alex Emanuel isn't going to bother with ostentatious rock lyric posturing, and actually say what he means (he) even goes a little Tom Verlaine-esque w/ his lyrics and vocals at times" -Stephanie R. Myers, Motherwest.com/the-deli

"Alex Emanuel's vocals are cool in the style of Bob Pollard, Jeremy Enick, and that dude from the Libertines" -Storylinerecords.com

"Rock with a punk edge. Lots of energy and grit, packed full of attitude. (Alex Emanuel)'s delivery adds to the charm-great choruses with an almost Buck Cherry, Cobain vocal style. Angsty energy drive the songs along without any whine" -Gildthelily

"(lead vocalist Alex Emanuel's declaration) Im in love with getting laid' completes the classic rock sentiment. Jennifer Love Hooker, with its my woman from So Cal yo' chorus, is catchy" -Dave Cobb, Splendidezine.com

"Reminds me of modern day X. New-wave garage rock, boy/girl vocals, sweet basslines, and a certain debauchery feel to it" -Mystery & Misery

"Sonically, you have to sort of twist yourself off-center, adventurous, I found quite a few things to like here... tightrope-walking vocals are a tricky proposition, but Alex (Emanuel) succeeds" -Cake magazine

"...Cest si doux! Normal, tout le monde est bourr. La liqueur fait son effet. On danse sur les tables, et on recommande une tourne... le meilleur groupe de Rock & Roll de 2005" -DJ NIC (a.k.a Nicolas RICHARD), Chronique parue dans Le Son de Paris, 2005




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