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  • LiGhtNiNg Vs SnoW said:
    i love this band +fav Apr 17
  • BonjourClarence said:
    wow!look forward to your new album!!! I Don't Like You and Be Mine Tonight sound so amazing! Apr 16
  • Quinta Novita said:
    more have fun at your facebook :) Feb 17
  • Emily said:
    AH! i love you guys!:D Nov 06
  • Kelso:) said:
    Seein Them Tomorrow:D BAHHH! Jan 27
  • Meagan Asselta said:
    best band everrrrrrrrrrrr Jan 20
  • Luis Blanco said:
    i like XD IS THE BEST BAND :D Dec 28
  • Eric Owen said:
    Hey if you like to dance, check out the band that I work with JAGGED! Let me know if you like it! You can download there tracks as well! LISTEN TO "JAGGED" http://www.purevolume.com/JAGGED99226 Dec 15
  • Jamieee :) said:
    Seriously, I love you guys :) Dec 10
  • @Lysattack said:
    adorable boys with good music (: Nov 05
  • Kiki Liu said:
    Oct 26
  • heartagram72 said:
    come to the lo Jun 06
  • MightyMidget said:
    you really need to put up roses, its so cute. =]] Jun 04
  • Amityville-Kyle said:
    I have a Podcast, and I want to do a full 5-8 song show featuring an indie band or artist! If you are interested, add a link to my podcast on your MySpace, PureVolume, and on your other sites if you have any. Whoever e-mails me first with the links on their sites will be featured on my podcast. The link to my podcast is http://kylewallace.podbean.com and my email is blue216@rogers.com Jun 02
  • JORDYNasaurx said:
    Saw you guys last night! Amazing. Feb 25
  • confusion_ray said:
    I will be seeing on my birthday March Seventeenth! Love yas boys. And my cat is still raping things. ^_^ Feb 06
  • Rosemary [liveloveburndie] said:
    you guys are pretty awesome =] Jan 29
  • rockoutsilencexx said:
    im going to your concert tomorrow! =] its going to be one of the best. i know it is. yeah well youll be seeing me . and hearing me! ill lose my voice. =] ! well thanks for having the concert,, and making the band, and having the concert in riverview! Jan 25
  • confusion_ray said:
    I don\'t need you to come to my state, you ARE in my state! Go Michigan! :) Jan 24
  • Heather I. B. said:
    I love you guys! You are sooo amazing in your music and heart. Jan 22