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Rock, Paper, Cynic

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Genres: Rock / Indie / Other

Location: Halifax, NS

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4 tracks

Members: Peter Chiykowski (and Friends)

Hey friend, we have a Music Archive archive too.

Hello, and welcome to Rock, Paper, Cynic music. Here's the rundown:

Rock, Paper, Cynic is a webcomic written by Peter Chiykowski. Parallel to the comic, he's writing, recording, and releasing music that fits the RPC mindset.

He'll be trying to release a song on the first of every month. You should let him know what you think of his music here, or at rockpapercynic@gmail.com (his e-mail). The most recent song will always be downloadable.
In case you haven't read the comic, here's a sample:


  • trent said:
    woah, i never realized that you're from canada! Jun 28
  • Adg said:
    kick ass. love it. Jun 11
  • T@R@S!3W!CZ said:
    hmmmm? Jun 08
  • BAKESHOW30 said:
    Love the band name. That's about it. Jun 06
  • Lifon said:
    Awesome music, I always listen to it now whenever I'm reading your comic! Jun 05
  • JamesCa said:
    Check this out acoustic/rock very hip lol. http://www.purevolume.com/everytuesdaysinceaugust Jun 04
  • reignonyourparade said:
    Why no lyrics for One Shell Two Shell Red Shell Blue Shell? Jun 03
  • Tayzia said:
    AWESOME music, and BTW, I like the comic! Jun 02
  • Nikita said:
    a suggestion/request: (ignore if don't want to listen, which is understandable) your music would make the best music videos, and since we are all capitalists and more people that know of you = more money= hopefully peter's happiness++ (not to mention i get to watch an awesome video :D) Jun 02
  • Cameron! said:
    HEY! check out the solo project You Are The Universe! NUMBER 6 ON THE ACOUSTIC CHARTS! http://www.purevolume.com/youaretheuniverse Jun 02
  • Edminster said:
    Oh, what happened to A Love Song for the Post-Apocalypse and Sansregret? Is there some mysterious four-song limit on this site? Also, loving the Pachelbel's Canon in One Shell, Two Shell, Red Shell, Blue Shell. Jun 01
  • Subejio said:
    I don't know if it's with my computer or if there's a restriction or what, but it's not showing the Rock, Paper Cynic song on the playlist anymore. Did you remove it? May 16
  • Vincent said:
    Hey man, don't listen to the 'lovey dovey' crowed, Sansregret and Rock, Paper Cynic are the best ones! Though I'll admit, Rousseau Rousseau and A Love song for the Post-Apocalypse are pretty cool too. (Careful, you're creating rival factions here :D) Apr 27
  • Edminster said:
    I have to agree with Leigh on the choice of favourite songs. They're all quite nice, though. Apr 22
  • Leighkley said:
    A Love Song for the Post-Apocalypse and Rousseau, Rousseau are my two new favorites. I've also read your whole comic collection they're awesome :D Apr 20

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