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Rock n Roll Soldiers


Genres: Rock / Alternative / Indie

Location: Eugene, OR

Stats: 2,284 fans / 226,264 plays / 46 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Marty Larson-Xu (vocals, guitar), Oliver Brown (Drums), Evan Sernoffsky (bass)

Hey! Order our new CD through paypal or through the mail now, you can send check, cash or $13 worth of treasure made payable to:

Rock n Roll Soldiers
535 Kingswood, Ave
Eugene, OR 97405

International orders please send $17 instead.

If you'd rather use PAYPAL just click the appropriate link below.

go to our myspace page at www.myspace.com/rocknrollsoldiers and you can order it from there.



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  • AsH CaTch 'eM said:
    highschool did make me crazy lol Jun 03
  • robmhefner said:
    yall should upload water tower, so we can download it. great song. Aug 01
  • sami_is_real said:
    I love finding bands from around were i live, i live in dallas...i know small town but heck, when my friend introduced you guys in the school news paper i had to check it out!! uv yah ;) Dec 18
  • creatorofthemusic said:
    OMG!! thats cool that ur from eugene oregon, cause i used to live there but i live in chigago now Aug 20
  • jorgelabombb said:
    what babes. Jul 10
  • ShunTheNon_Believers said:
    Whats this!?!?!?!?! you\'re NOT coming to Chicago!!!!!!??? :\'( YOU ASSHOLES!!!jk jk jk but i am upset but i love you guys May 20
  • taishamonster said:
    Marry me? May 10
  • bodogbattle07 said:
    Hey guys! I love \"Failures\"! I think you should definitely check out the bodogBATTLE! You can sign up now at www.bodogbattleofthebands.com!! Register your band online now for free by creating an online profile and uploading your music, video, bio, and photos to become a part of the largest competition of its kind. Apr 11
  • nathanael93 said:
    I LOVE Flag Song! put that on! Apr 08
  • racheL said:
    hey guys! i saw your grafitti outside of the glasshouse in pomona! it was rad, to say the least. =] Apr 07
  • HannaPlume said:
    i\'m at my friend\'s house and they all love this muuic!! =D xxx Feb 24
  • DARK_Philli said:
    when is your next album coming out? Feb 15
  • etchewithice said:
    Great tunes! Agus =) Feb 15
  • PinkPezRocks said:
    Hey there! My name is Ashlie and at my school me and a teacher of mine and a few friends have started a club. It\'s called the ABC Club. It stands for Anti Bully Club. What we plan to do is go around to different middle schools and teach kinds about bullying and how to stop it. Well, we are having a hard time finding money for our club so we could buy t-shirts and what not. I understand that you are busy and stuff, but I was wondering since you are in Oregon a lot(I bet lol) maybe you would be willing to preform at my school to help us raise money. Now, of course we are going to be chargin admition so some odd percent of our profits would be going to you. If you think that you might have time for this or if you are interested in our little gig, please let me know. Thanks so much, Ashlie (16,Tigard) Feb 08
  • australianprincess01 said:
    rocknroll soliders pwn your distant cousin and pet fish named rhubarb. Jan 24

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