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Rocket Me Nowhere

WE uploaded some tracks off of our new album!


Genres: Electronic / Pop / Acoustic

Location: Waco, TX

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4 tracks

Members: Mark Scissors & Nick Sabin

Hello Nerds of Earth! We are Rocket Me Nowhere (Mark Scissors & Nick Saber). These are not songs for the popular kids, they are for YOU! I hope our music gives your seizures seizures. I also hope you blast it so loud that your neighbors call the cops and when they arrive you all have a dance party. Rocket Me Nowhere is much more interested in you becoming our friend than you being our fan. So don't be afraid to talk to us cause we are super friendly and have already gone through puberty (which we brag about often).




  • xXnomnomrawrXx said:
    love the lyrics! "if a nerd and a cupcake had a baby" was the first song i ever herd from chu guyz♥ soooo cute♥ PEACE LOVE AND CAKE!!!! (pweez dnt steal dat♥ thankiez) Feb 07
  • - lih said:
    i ♥ rocket me nowhere :) Jun 29
  • katie anne said:
    dear MARK: youu areee sooooo good youre my favorite banddd everrrr. and too bad i dont need a free download of if a nerd and a cupcake had a baby cause i was iming you as soon as you finished it and you were excited and sent it to me :] heh. i miss you buddy and thanks for remembering my birfday two days late. talk to you soon mister text me if you ever read this! :]p Feb 12
  • marie said:
    I love emma watson song!!! Is a very good song! Sep 13
  • Jatnna said:
    Your lyrics are awesome and funny thanks, you made my day :) Cheers from Venezuela Jul 03
  • cari said:
    wow - i found you guys by accident looking for something else on itunes. what a happy mistake! i'm hooked! Apr 23
  • You stole my heart but I had it first. said:
    Favorite band. Music + humor = love. Feb 28
  • unfixable said:
    i love you like a fat kid loves halloween. your music = XD Jan 27
  • dancedear-xo said:
    you guys are really good:) Nov 25
  • dancedear-xo said:
    you guys are really good:) Nov 25
  • dancedear-xo said:
    you guys are really good:) Nov 25
  • dancedear-xo said:
    you guys are really good:) Nov 25
  • Hikari said:
    where\'s All That I Can Say remake? I love it! ;_; Nov 18
  • superkatti said:
    Are the songs on the album different from the ones you used to have up? Y\'all are my favorite band! :] Jul 30
  • BnandTen said:
    You guys are kind of weird. But you\'re funny. Oh, and you have pretty good music too. Jun 23

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