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Robo-Panther Action Squad

Fever. Forever.


Genres: Rock

Location: Scarborough, ON

Stats: 0 fans / 453 plays / 4 plays today






Eldon Jourdain - Lead Guitar
Melissa Gaulin - Drums
Jeff Bennett - Bass
Evan Fradley-Pereira - Guitar and Vocals
We all sing, though.

We Robo-Panthers are a disciplined bunch, and we subscribe to a code of ethics: "To foster an inclusive environment where in all participants can elate in a sense of sudden solidarity, and rock until we pass out."

We've all spent too much time in cool-kid scenes, where community is defined by exclusion: In or Out. Us and Them. Hot or Not. Where it's all about who you know, who they know, and what they can do for you. Our experience has shown it to be the nature of the beast that is Canadian Indie Rock. For better or worse, our response has been to say fuck that.

We're a DIY rock band from Scarborough. Our house was converted from a grow-op. We have concrete under our feet and soil in our fingernails. We record in our basement. We make our CD's by hand. We have no plans to get rich. We sing songs about dreamers and thieves, and we'd love it if you'd sing along with us. We want to be friends with you and and everyone you know who loves rock and roll. We'll play kitchens, coffee shops, laundromats, backyards, basements, and anywhere else with a three prong plug. We can't wait to meet you.


-The Robo-Panthers