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Genres: Alternative / Acoustic

Location: Elgin, IL

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Members: Eric Brandenburg

So this is the part where I'm supposed to tell you why you should listen to my music. Well I can't give you more than a few reasons really, and none of them are overally good ones. My music comes from the heart and is true to me. The guitar parts a easy, but speak volumes towards what is to come from me. The guitar parts may be simple, but in my humble opinion they are beautiful because they speak when my voice fails.

The recordings are lacking, but give me a chance. I'm working towards getting in the studio, but that is still far in the future. So for right now i ask that you put up with the recordings and if they really strike a chord with you let me know. Drop me a line, let me know that what I'm doing is more than just for my sense of accomplishment.

New stuff to be put up soon, probably still the same lackluster recording but I'm workin on a codensed budget. Yeah the economy's been hitting home latley. But new music soon so stay tuned, and see what happens.

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    In the time it takes to make a thought I got your back and if you think that you would get the point I'd know where your at and If you would do the same for me I would not forget everything it takes to make a choice and leave it at that. Jul 31
  • Robby said:
    www.purevolume.com/EscapingProtocol Mar 13
  • Marlee :3 ~ said:
    You are amazing. Wow. Aug 30
  • Uwsoccer said:
    You are amazing! Keep up the good work! Jul 12
  • [MEELYAH:] said:
    like it. Dec 27
  • [MEELYAH:] said:
    like it. Dec 27


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