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2 Drunks and A Guitar



Genres: Rock / Alternative / Progressive

Location: Saint Louis, MO

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4 tracks

Members: Rick Heim--Bass-vocals-guitars------JR Richardson-Guitars-Vocals


About 2 Drunks and A Guitar
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2 Drunks And A Guitar had mastered the punch of hard rock, but creative ambitions left them restless, yearning to explore other musical styles. On their debut album, **2 Drunks Working Hard**, the Licking Missouri based duo of Vocalist/Guitarist JR Richardson and Bassist/ Rick Heim let their artistry run wild. From the bluesy melancholy of Demon Eyes, to the Pink Floyd-esque dreamy introspection of Running Thru The Night, to the Adult Alternative Country style Christmas Is Over, 2 Drunks And A Guitar refuse to be easily categorized.
2 Drunks And A Guitar uses rock as a foundation for its versatility. However, THIS definition of rock has its roots in the club-filling power rock of the 80s, when choruses were big enough to wrap around your whole soul, catchy and as infectious as anything ever heard. While most of today's so-called, new rock? acts limit their range to repetitive, deafening top of the lungs screaming vocals, 2 Drunks And A Guitar isn't afraid to play and sing what they feel.
Together they reconstruct a classic-rock sensibility to the screaming genre, bringing back the soulful experience and explosive colour of being in a rock band, From this, you have the sound of the Band from Licking Missouri called, 2 Drunks And A Guitar.
We would really like futher our career in music and currently seek management. In the mean time......we're having fun!

Rick Heim: "40oz's of Funk." Bass Guitar/Vocals/Mason Jars Bud Select, Swischer Sweets, Jägermeister, Moonshine, Moe, Larry, Curly, Horny Waitresses, Sleeping at the bar. Hookin up, Heroes, Pink Floyd, Roy Orbison, Johnny Winters, Jimi Hendrix, Green buds, and Sandwiches. Motorcycles, Motorcycle gals, Joe Walsh, Area 51, The Dust, Dirty Jeans, Very descriptive words. What? Somebody talking?

JR Richardson "I'm Bigger Than You" Guitars/Vocals/ Beer Cans: Ice Cold Milwalkies Beast, Roll your own tobacco, Cheap whisky, Corn bread, Cheap women in bare feet. Very Horny girls, Staring at the sun on a Sunday afternoon. Claims he "reads" playboy in the pisser. Watching movies through his eyelids. Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Kaye, Keith Moon. Cheech and Chong and various stupor emitting tools. Britney Spears and Mel Brooks. Shitty cars.



Having Fun

Jun 12, 2008