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River City High


Genres: Rock / Punk

Location: Richmond, VA

Stats: 839 fans / 155,574 plays / 11 plays today





4 tracks

Members: James Menefee, Mark Avery, Chip Cosby, Gregg Brooks, whoever shows up to the party

Our new record is going to be out on November 14 on Takeover Records. We're calling our new release "Not Enough Saturday Nights." Check out www.takeoverrock.com for info on ordering the new stuff, and please come see us when we come to your town

Check out our new E-card!!

BUY OUR NEW RECORD HERE!! Get a free coozy!!


  • cat said:
    you guys are so awesome!! Jul 31
  • Snuggleblade said:
    purevolume.com/snuggleblade Jun 13
  • christie said:
    you guys are awesome! Apr 08
  • DBONG said:
    River City High is too sick! Aug 03
  • Mattie said:
    mmkay so "richmond represent" is totally right. love your stuff! & lets face it - virginia boys do it best. Jul 31
  • kissmyboard said:
  • kissmyboard said:
  • shelbey16 said:
    You guys sound very awesome! come to canada!! Dec 10
  • phatty of music* said:
    my gosh you guys are amazing :] pure rock if you ask me Dec 10
  • thatcharliekid3 said:
    Yay! Finally, a decent band that hasn\'t labelled themsleves as Emo! Yeah, emos cool but who cares! I love Amy, well, most of the songs! Come to the UK, it would be insane! And the guy on the right, lose the cowboy hat mate. Dec 09
  • LittleB0mbshell said:
    congratulations on being on the purevolume main page! :o) Dec 08
  • Kymizer said:
    hey guys. i remembered when you guys played at VCU there was a reallllly small crowd and i still have the drummers stick that he threw at me...i almost lost my eye that day. and i remember that equipment in your picture....btw, i had the \"You looked better on myspace shirt\" so it seems you guys are getting better congrats :D Dec 07
  • RoPe the MoOn dlg said:
    omg...you guys are so good. i love you . most deff rock my world. love the pics you guys seem like a lot of fun to hang with...i am not far from ya...do you know where stafford VA is? mary Dec 07
  • youandmek said:
    Add Comment here... Dec 07
  • Little Miss Amber said:
    whats up queers...when are u gonna be coming to visit me again?!!? love you amber Dec 07

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