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Genres: Hardcore / Metal

Location: Cleveland, OH

Stats: 463 fans / 37,772 plays / 32 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Human Furnace, Frank, Matt, Aaron, and Chris

The Venomous Grand Design

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"Justice Replaced by Revenge"

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The worlds most destructive hardcore metal band, Ringworm is back with a new instrument of havoc, Justice Replaced By Revenge. Originally from the metal scene of Cleveland, Ohio, Ringworm have spent the past decade unleashing destruction, spending the past four years touring with bands such as Hatebreed, Blood For Blood and Terror. Ringworms brooding guitar lines and pummeling riffs on Justice Replaced By Revenge reach into the depths of the psyche and bring forth the evil that lives inside. The Human Furnaces agonizing, distressing and remarkably memorable vocals
provide a horrific narration for thunderous songs with an unmistakable brutality.

Forming in 1991, Ringworm took their name from a Vincent Price movie and began mingling the essentials of metal and hardcore alongside fellow genre smashers in Earth Crisis and Integrity. In 1993 they released... Click Here To Read More


1/19/2008 - Doyletown, PA @ SIREN RECORDS

A Perfect Murder
Between The Buried and Me
Bury Your Dead
Darkest Hour
Dead to Fall
Nights Like These
Scars of Tomorrow
Sinai Beach
The Autumn Offering


  • wanderson.hardcore said:
    this songs are so good!! Nov 05
  • wanderson.hardcore said:
    este som e muito muito foda!! bom de mais !! Nov 05
  • Jacob Harris said:
    You guys are incredible. Some of the best crossover thrash out there, ever. Jul 22
  • MyHeartBeatsInBreakdowns said:
    - New Found Disorder - A Brutal blend of hardcore/metalcore from South Africa... Brilliant new up-and-coming band. Raise The Flag Nov 24
  • Snuggleblade said:
    purevolume.com/snuggleblade Oct 10
  • SteveALIL said:
    nice sound, check out www.purevolume.com/casttheimage Oct 19
  • said:
    i normally would like it,but i dont think ill ever be able to like you after that inteley retarted \"lindsey lohan) album,in wich you attempted to make fun of jared leto.that album sort of made me laugh out loud.well whatever.not my style. Sep 10
  • nathan said:
    Ha, you guys rock. My stupid neighbor got ringworm from his dog, hahahaha Feb 12
  • said:
    u guys are awesome...some to colorado!! Aug 04
  • Sparky 101 said:
    Freakin\' awesome Jun 07
  • said:
    Apr 17

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