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Riley Rogers

Debut album "Lust, Lies, Guns" is FREE to download


Genres: Blues / Rock / Progressive

Location: Denton, TX

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Whether you've stumbled upon this page by accident or intention, I do hope you find something you enjoy. I'm a 20 year old songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Amarillo, Texas. I enjoy all music regardless of genre, but the kind of music I find myself most identifying with includes blues, rock, punk, psychedelic and glam. I started playing guitar at the age of 13 after discovering my father's old records which included some of my first influences such as Black Sabbath, ZZ Top, The Doors, AC/DC, Guns N Roses, Joan Jett, Led Zeppelin and many more. This later led to my interest in bass, drums, keyboards and singing as well. In 2009 I recorded as a guest guitar player on Jade Moore's first album, "A Cold Dark Place in Paradise". After this I was blessed with the opportunity to join Moore's band and record all of the lead guitar on his second album, "The Horrors of Love and of Death". When I was 19, I released my first solo album entitled "Lust, Lies and Guns". I recorded all of the instruments and wrote all of the songs myself. I briefly played drums for a band called The Foxfire Experiment in 2012 and then relocated to Denton, Texas where I currently reside. I'm currently working on my next release, "A Night at the Stardust", as well as performing guitar and vocals for my current band, The Infamists. I love music more than anything and I love the people it brings into my life just as much. Please have a listen to a song or two, and most of all thank you for supporting my dream.
Much love,

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Lust, Lies and Guns

Feb 19, 2012