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Save Time and Effort With These Helpful Windows Tips

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The Windows Operating System has many beneficial features that most users don't even take advantage of. If you use Windows, but your version is earlier than Windows 7, the shortcuts we talk about here should still work for you. You can speed up your computer and make your tasks much more convenient by getting familiar with a few simple tricks that Windows let's you perform.
Windows 7 comes with certain desktop wallpaper patterns that are based on your location in the world.If you want to change your Theme set to something more exotic, it's not hard to do so. You can find these by typing "globalization" in a search of the C drive. The five folders - America, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Canada - will then be listed. So, when you are ready for a new look, you already have a good selection of Theme sets to choose from. They are in a hidden file, but they are not easy to find.

Security is another issue that anyone who uses Windows needs to think about carefully. Problems you might encounter when you're running Windows are viruses, spyware, and malware. Before you do anything else, go online and research the different anti-virus program options available and install one on your computer. Set up your anti-virus program so that it stays updated automatically, because new viruses, malware, and spyware turn up practically on a daily basis. You must be diligent to keep your computer safe. Aside from this, however, it's necessary to use common sense and always be alert when you're online. Don't download attachments or click on links if you don't know exactly who they're from or what they are. Probably the most important safeguard you can have is to not give out your personal information randomly. Just use your head, and take precautions, and you shouldn't have any security issues.

If you want Windows to have better speed, only keep programs on your PC that you use. Most computers come loaded with software and applications that most users never open. However, these unused programs still use your memory and this slows your computer down. After checking out the software pre-installed on your PC, you can easily delete the ones that are unnecessary. There are software applications listed on your start-up menu that open when you start your computer. You can make your computer run faster by disabling the programs that you don't want to open this way. Why bother opening programs you don't need and slowing down your PC in the process?

If you have used Windows for any length of time, you will agree that it has continued to improve with each new edition. Those of you who have Windows 7 can testify to the fact that Windows continues to improve with each new version. Even Windows XP or Vista, however, can be used in many ways that aren't commonly known. This is just a small taste of the types of things you can do within the Windows operating system when you learn the correct techniques.

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Posted Dec 04, 2013 at 3:55pm