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Kanye West 'enraged' At Kim's Ex Ray J

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Kanye and his blushing bride have been residing in the Hidden Hills community in Calfornia enjoying blissful married life and time with their baby girl, North West, but all that peace and bliss view could be gone soon with the possible move. According to TMZ, Ray J made an offer on a baller mansion that includes three horse stalls that is just eight doors away from Kim and Kanyes residence. The offer was for $2.7 million for the mansion. And just how does Kanye feel about having Brandys little brother in his neighborhood? According to Hollywood Life, Kanye is enraged and is ready to take action. What action can he take?
Source: http://www.inquisitr.com/1751460/kanye-west-enraged-at-kims-ex-ray-j/

Kanye West Talks Paul McCartney Song, Bruce Jenner Transformation, Kim Kardashian Pregnancy [Video]

West is worried that Jenner might experience the same tragedy that happened to Kanyes own mother, explained the insider. Kanyes mother, Donda, died in 2007 due to post-plastic surgery complications and heart disease. Kanye told Bruce that he needs to calm down on all the surgeries. He feels its not cool or safe. After all, look what happened to his mom. As for Kanyes hope that Bruce can be a grandfather to North for many years to come, he also wants additional grandchildren for Jenner , reported People magazine.
Source: http://www.inquisitr.com/1748428/kanye-west-talks-paul-mccartney-song-bruce-jenner-transformation-kim-kardashian-pregnancy-video/

Kanye West Supports Kim Kardashian’s Decision To Share Personal Struggle

And on that same day, Kanye West was investigated for punching a man in the face. Looks it wasnt a good day for celebrities! 32.776664 -96.796988
Source: http://cw33.com/2015/01/14/january-14-justin-bieber-egging-accussation-kanye-west-investigation/

January 14: Justin Bieber Egging Accussation & Kanye West Investigation | CW33 NewsFix

for its January issue, Kardashian revealed that she was told a few years ago that she could never get pregnant by three different doctors. She was just about to freeze her eggs when she found out she was pregnant. At the press conference, Kim commented on the irony of becoming pregnant when she wasnt even really trying but now not being able to when she really wants it. Its been more challenging to get pregnant the second time around. When youre not planning it, it happens. Its just how God works.
Source: http://www.inquisitr.com/1744966/kanye-west-supports-kim-kardashians-decision-to-share-personal-struggle/


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