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Revive The Radio!

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Genres: Pop Punk / Powerpop / Experimental

Location: Chandler/Gilbert, AZ

Stats: 45 fans / 2,776 plays / 18 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Josh Capati (Guitar/Vocals),
Kole Garcia (Drums),
Feyd Pedalino (Rhythym Guitar),
and Cole Stevens (Bass)

We're a band called Revive The Radio! We currently hail from the East Valley of Arizona. We're kids, but we do take our music seriously, and with great passion. You should really listen to us, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. The main goal we focus on is to stay strong to our genre: Pop-Punk/Experimental. As you come to find out, when you listen to our songs, is that not one sounds the same. Every song is a taste of something new and refreshing..in our perspective. To get the full experience of the energy and the beauty of it.. is to see us live, we'll inform of upcoming shows. So, keep the look out. And most importantly, tell your friends. :)

1. The Get Up Kids
2. blink-182
3. Brand New
4. New Found Glory
5. More Wood For Cows
6. Radio Feelings
7. Hellogoodbye
8. Four Year Strong
9. The Wonder Years
10. Dashboard Confessional

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  • Lucy said:
    You guys are good, but The Semester Review is WAY better. Especially the drumming, just sayin. :) Oct 14
  • look for the girl with the sun in her eyes ☼ said:
    love it! Mar 26
  • Tahliaaaaa said:
    I reeeaaaallyyyy wanna see you guys live!!! Too bad I live in Australia D: Jan 19
  • MusicGirlll said:
    you guys remind me of blink-182 and its pretty much awesomeeeee. Oct 05
  • Melendezashley54@yahoo.com said:
    ahw i love u guys! Feb 19
  • Aaron said:
    Diggin' the tunes yo, thanks for da messege May 29
  • caleb robinson said:
    thank you for the comments guys. we appreciate them. -Caleb Robinson (bass) Feb 22
  • ROCKINDIE21 said:
    Guys , good work ! Peace ! Luis * Feb 18
  • zrc said:
    hey ppl i go 2 ur skool i saw u perform tody!!!! LIVE THE DREAM GUYZ if u get signed can u b my fwends pweez? Jan 29
  • -underscore- said:
    musc is cool nice :D Jan 27
  • said:
    i like how you guys are from arizona. your guy's music is cool(: Jan 22

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