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Genres: Metal / Progressive / Rock

Location: Ankara, Turkey

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4 tracks

Members: Ertug Azeloglu - Lead Vocals, Baran Yasar - Guitars / Vocals, Atilla Badem - Bass, Burcin Ak - Drums

Revelation was formed in 2003 by Baran Yasar, Burçin Ak and Ertug Azeloglu. At the beginning, this three friend wanted to participate in a serious projects. In a time, it became a project which was submitted to the appreciation of people and they enjoy.

This period of time, Atilla Badem joined the band as a bass guitarist and Umut Saydam as a guitarist. Good and bad comments as they received began to direct the band's music. Until today,the band took participate in many organizations in Turkey and also in a national radio they had a performance.

In addition, Baran and ErtuÄŸ have been composing music to computer games, television programmes. Surely this helped to the Revelation, they reached too many people in a local and world-wide. With their EP, called Gallipoli 1915,they were able to stay on #1 for weeks in BESONIC (Germany-based website). Also faced with a similar situations in their demos, the band is currently working on their debut album called "Between Dreams & Nightmares".