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Responsible Johnny


Genres: Punk / Rock / Hardcore

Location: Bedford, TX

Stats: 0 fans / 141 plays / 10 plays today





4 tracks

Members: (rob) - vocals / coy vd - guitar / eric - bass / nick - drums

Remember the feeling that you got the first time you heard Henry Rollins screaming out the lyrics to Rise Above? The first time you realized that if the Ramones could strap on guitars and take on the world, then anyone could? Responsible Johnny does.

Tired of the crap coming out of the radio, Responsible Johnny is reaching back to the past, when three chords were all you needed and being punk wasn't defined by the style of your Hot Topic studded wristbands, it was defined by the chip on your shoulder and what was in your soul. And they plan to keep those values alive until they get a major label deal, a coke habit, stripper wives, and a pony.


(rob) (Vocals):
Musician from birth. Elementary school recorder prodigy. Picked up guitar in high school. Saved from a life of hair metal by a well intentioned friend with a Ramones compilation tape. So punk that he craps safety pins. Damn the man. Save the Empire.

coy vd (Guitar):
the man of mystery is back in the band for a second time, and there are still no details to even prove his existence other than photos from shows of someone that may or may not be him on guitar - i believe he uses a stand-in to conceal his true whereabouts from the illuminati...

eric (Bass):
so we're getting ready for rehearsal one night and talking about how we need to find a bass player. we go outside for a smoke and when we come back inside we find a shadowy figure sitting on a bass amp running through black flag songs. he didn't say how he got in. we didn't want to know. i guess he's our bass player, 'cause i'll be damned if i'm gonna be the one to tell him to leave.

nick (Drums):
he's from the north, but we forgive him. ex-member of the absolutely brutal band kyle - you don't hear bagpipes enough in modern punk - he's moved down to dfw to woo women and make the rest of the band look pretty by comparison. so far he's achieved half of that goal.

Press Quotes

Lit Magazine
"Don't know if every gig is filled with such highlights or even if RJ's singer/guitarist Rob
always likes to go shirt off at some point, but what's more important is that [they] are truly up there enjoying themselves in the lively spirit of the Ramones and others from an era when punk wasn't so polished, packaged and puke-inducing."

Black Orchid Magazine
"Responsible Johnny puts on a great show with fantastic music and lyrics. They sing about the important things in life: women, sideshow freaks and alcohol. You can't get much more punk than that."

DFW Noise
"...energized set riddled with good humor and nasty insults hurled at anybody that moved. and how do you go wrong with songs like 'I Like Chicken?' Check out this band for some good not so clean fun and some old school punk rock"

Mother Theresa
"If I were still alive it would be a tough decision between saving the poor wretches of the world and following Responsible Johnny from show to show. That song they do about flipper babies is a monumental work of art that brings tears to my eyes."

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