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  • johnnydeppkaren said:
    I love you guys! MUAH!!! Dec 21
  • pirateprincess said:
    you guys rock! pleese come back on the warped tour again this summer!! Dec 20
  • LadyHiwatari said:
    True Love Dec 20
  • Coop7774 said:
    Hey Relient K rocks... When are coming to Australia?!?!?! Dec 18
  • Jonathan Deal said:
    Hey You Guys Rock! I Like The Latest EP! Dec 17
  • said:
    I LOVE this band its like one of my favorite, definatley in the top 5! Dec 17
  • WilliamsJC12 said:
    Add Comment here... Dec 17
  • zipmy_innuendo said:
    Lets get emotional girls to all wear mood rings. Is my theme song now ..I listen to that song so much my friend try to yank the cd out of my stereo and make a frisby out of it.. hah but I didnt let her. Love you guys. Dec 16
  • mintyhead said:
    When I was on vacation in Florida in October I saw your Orlando show! It was even better that the Fall Out Boy show two days before! keep up the good work lads! Dec 16
    this band is awesome keep writing music Dec 15
  • thatonechick119 said:
    you guys are amazing...keep it up! i still haven\'t seen you live (unless that mtv thing counts), but you guys rock. Dec 15
  • loverofthepast said:
    i really like your guys song ...... the thief..... it helped me see why i did something wrong...... Dec 15
  • loverofthepast said:
    i really like your guys song ...... the thief..... it helped me see why i did something wrong...... Dec 15
  • flandy5 said:
    Hey guys keep up the good work. Remember who you are doing this for (God) and don\'t forget that he gave you the ability to do this. Dec 14
  • papercut198 said:
    RELIENT K!!! woo hoo!! you guys are awesome! ur current music is great... and its kinda funny to look back at ur older stuff - like when u made fun of MTV and now ur all over it lol. well props to me for having the first convo, do i like get a free peice of merch from u guys? please? iv been good this year, i promise, lol cya guys, keep rocking and temember who gave you all your talent! -john Dec 13
  • rkfan1084 said:
    I have been a fan since I first heard Sadie Hawkins Dance. I now have all four of your full releases and I soon hope to get Apathetic EP Dec 12
  • jsguitarist said:
    you guys are my favorite band ever and a huge musical influence. i learned to play guitar listening to your music. you guys rock!!! you guys need to have a show in idaho! Dec 12
  • ames45 said:
    You guys are amazingly talented and I love your music to death! Next time you\'re in Florida, I\'ll be sure to be there. Dec 12
  • LOTR! 317 said:
    You guys are awesome! I saw you in concert awhile back. It was great! Can\'t wait for the next album. Dec 11
  • MineTimesTwo said:
    You guys are an inspiration. I love your music and your devotion to your faith. Keep doing all of the amazing things you have. I will follow you until the end of times. I love you! God Bless Dec 11