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  • unplugged_1 said:
    Hey. We are an acoustic rock band based out of Wainwright, AB. Check us out at purevolume.com/thirdsky. We hope you enjoy our music Feb 08
  • grace said:
    are you guys on myspace Feb 05
  • Cody said:
    hey,check out this band purevolume.com/FRIEND :) thanks Feb 02
  • BASIK said:
    OHIIIIIIIOOO!!!!!! Jan 31
  • Kenzie said:
    i love you guys....so much. :D Jan 28
  • xHOPEinsufferingx said:
    come to new jersey please :] Jan 27
  • ЯiffraffЯachel said:
    lubbb you(: Jan 25
  • HeyLadyMeetMeAfterTwilight said:
    UK is a lovely place to visit... Jan 23
  • Matthew Kuhstoss said:
    amazing band. big fan =) Jan 17
  • Julia Gulia said:
    favorite band of all time. not even kidding. Jan 17
  • Timothy Upai Lindris said:
    damn good songs.downloadable songs perhaps.hehehe Jan 15
  • ALiCiA MaRiE said:
    You guys need some of the new stuff! Soo good. "I could have done better but what good do if's do" :) Jan 11
  • DJ said:
    ive heard be my escape on air 1. cool. Jan 07
  • Jonny Waffle said:
    Hey! We are The Radioflyer, come by and download our free EP, or just have a listen :) Purevolume.com/theradioflyer Jan 06
  • Jared said:
    Oh man... I've seen you guys three times in concert and have been listening to you guys for over 6 years and I NEVER GET TIRED OF YOU GUYS!!!! You RoCk!! Jan 04
  • look for the girl with the sun in her eyes ☼ said:
    loooove you guys :] Dec 27
  • arieee, said:
    i love you guys! :D Dec 24
  • Jon C said:
    Yeh dude.Apathetic the way to be.thats my life. i luv it. Dec 23
  • Jordan3000 said:
    hey man. keep up the good work. ou guys got fans! me included Dec 21
  • Stephen Schruhl said:
    Hey, just saw you guys on the Winter Wonderslam Concert. Sorry to hear about your mom, Matt. But you guys were awesome nonetheless. Rock on! Dec 19