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  • alexis(rawwwrrrr) said:
    you should put getting into you onn here:) i just learned how to play that on guitar Apr 09
  • Ollie Morgan said:
    hello guys please checkout my new band fleet street we are from the UK and want to make friends and fans in the US! www.purevolume.com/fleetstreetaresweet Apr 07
  • xHey_Ungracefulx said:
    You guys are AWESOME Apr 06
  • Clarissa Botello said:
    I absolutely love 'Must've Done Something Right'! You all are a amazing band Apr 06
  • auburnhills said:
    check out our new songs! were auburn hills, a new alternative band! http://www.purevolume.com/AuburnHills71285 Apr 05
  • Matt Hrchx said:
    How about posting: Forget and not slow down. Good music, thanks guys. Apr 05
  • Benjamin Pecchia said:
    For Fans of The Scene Aesthetic, Never Shout Never :) www.purevolume.com/dodgingraindrops www.purevolume.com/dodgingraindrops www.purevolume.com/dodgingraindrops www.purevolume.com/dodgingraindrops www.purevolume.com/dodgingraindrops Mar 30
  • Carly♥TheDevilWearsPrada said:
    matt thiessen.. you are absolutely completely adorable Mar 23
  • losergirl4jesus said:
    http://www.whatyoudowhenimgone.com/ Mar 19
  • JOSHLOL said:
    take a listen to some Pop Punk! purevolume.com/lookoutloretta ...tell all your friends and leave comments! Mar 18
  • sara said:
    loving your music and it always makes me feel betta :) ! Mar 14
  • Nicole said:
    your music honestly gets me through rough days Mar 13
  • ' michele. said:
    amazing ;) Feb 27
  • funkyshades said:
    you guys are awesome... do yourselves a favor and please put up 'over thinking'!!! :) Feb 26
  • kaeluhh♫ said:
    your' amazing Feb 24
  • *[raw_rock_kills]* said:
    you guys are awesome...when are guys gonna do warped tour again? Feb 23
  • Bethh said:
    I absolutely love you guys! xD Feb 21
  • 3v3lynn said:
    u guy are the best !!! lovee uuu Feb 17
  • lady mizty said:
    u guys are great..you are my number 2 favorite...SKYHAWK DRIVE is my #1 check them out guys..love you alll...God bless Feb 11
  • Survivethenight! said:
    Check Out My Music! :D purevolume.com/survivethenight62836 Electronica/Techno/Christian Influenced By Nickasaur!, Owl City, Hurry! Lets Go, Breathe Carolina, hellogoodbye, and Nevershoutnever! Full EP up for Free Download, please fan if you download!! Feb 10