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Comments (31)

  • Lisette said:
    Best album by them, as well as Two Lefts dont Make a Right but three do. Well it's really hard to pick favorites with them. May 09
  • bekah said:
    dude u guyz rox the house gimme more music!!! LUV ur music :) rock on!!!!!!!! May 16
  • I'm Fucking Psycho...Welcome to my world...We like cookies ^_^ said:
    Very awesome distraction music May 12
  • jes03 said:
    put when i go down on here! Feb 24
  • cour*ta*nay777 said:
    OMG!!!! they were sooooooooooooooooooo good at creation fest 07!!!!! Feb 14
  • rebel2rebellover said:
    i love this band so much their lead singer is sexy as hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jun 11
  • Syko said:
    amazing really truely May 15
  • Pretty Little Baby said:
    i love your music to death! ... =] Apr 18
  • heaventogo24 said:
    I love this band and they are amazing in concert!!!!! Mar 31
  • sunnyside__up said:
    Amazing band, cd, songs, concerts. Jan 07
  • 1Panda1 said:
    I Love the songs:\"Be my Escape\",\"Who I Am Hates Who I\'ve Been\", and \"Apathetic Way To Be (NEW)\"!!!! Nov 23
  • world war 24 said:
    listening to this album brings me back unforgetable memories from my summer of o4\'. thanks boys Nov 20
  • ktdid262 said:
    hey, i saw you guys at the nintendo fusion tour (2006) you and plain white t\'s where the only reason why i went. I love you guys. especially sadie hawkins dance. when i listen to it, it just makes me feel so happy! Nov 15
  • PODkalle91 said:
    @keppler: i agree! which to bury us or the hatchet is one of the greatest songs on mhmmmmmmm!! a really great album with great message of gods love to us! Nov 05
  • Jeremy A.K.A.: Andrew, Emo Man, White Chocolate, Ben, T.A. said:
    Awesome! Nov 04