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Relative to Normal


Genres: Christian / Alternative / Rock

Location: Spencer, OH

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Members: Jordan Budi, Michael Brainard, Tim Brainard, Emily Resor

Everyone has a self-implied perception of normality that they, whether consciously or subconsciously, are inclined to measure themselves against. Then there's the stereotypical, modern-culture driven concept of normalcy that almost inevitably affects how we view both ourselves and others.

Relative to Normal is an up-and-coming Christian Alt. Rock band that seeks to convey the message that normal is, well... relative.

"As a band and in our music, we hope to replace the typical image of normal with something way off axis. Much of what is accepted as ordinary today (specifically within Christianity) is really very sterile and safe. In both our individual lives and our lyrics, we strive to portray something that is far more real - vibrant, honest, and relevant - something terrifyingly distant from the center of stereotypical normality."
- That is the band's vision as described by lead singer/songwriter/guitarist, Tim Brainard.

Relative to Normal was formed in February of '06 with the common goal of bringing something fresh and realistic to the table of the Christian music genre. It was formed by a group of driven and determined individuals who are not unwilling to take risks. The band consists of four members: Jordan Budi (drummer), Michael Brainard (bassist and BGV), Tim Brainard (lead singer/songwriter/guitarist), and Emily Resor (keys and BGV).
After over a year of straight practice, the band found themselves in studio recording their first-time ever independently financed demo project.
With the demo in-hand, the band is now booking shows throughout the state of Ohio and its neighboring territories.

Relative to Normal is currently unsigned - all financial and management responsibilities are delegated exclusively amongst the members and all booking/scheduling is handled personally by the band.

With a musical style that has been compared to big-name bands such as Lifehouse, Creed, Foo Fighters, and Nickelback, Relative to Normal offers something that is pertinent and exciting for this generation of listeners.
With its unique blend of tasteful musicianship and meaningful lyrics, Relative to Normal offers qualities that will help it to stand high above the rest in its effort to revolutionize modern Christianity set against the unavoidable backdrop of mediocre living.

More than anything else, however, the music of Relative to Normal strives to connect with hearts on a new and daring level. To quote Tim again,

"We hope more than anything that our music is able to connect directly with the hearts of our listeners, regardless of where they may be spiritually. Our songs tend to deal largely with inner struggles (questions, fears even anger) - realities not normally admitted or addressed so candidly by modern-day Christians.
We believe that there is a Divine Hand orchestrating our feeble attempts and pray that our music motivates our audience to reflect more deeply and honestly upon the status of their own hearts.
I want people to hear our music and, for the first time ever, be forced to inquire of themselves where they fall, Relative to Normal."


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