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rejected kids


Genres: Pop Punk / Hardcore / Experimental

Location: Other

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4 tracks

Members: ostra, putra, xoxo, miaw

in 2004 happy three friends from Junior High Schoolmate, Was Formed their Band

playing some songs from blink182, slick shoes, and no use for a name
which were their favorite band. They named their band as Rejected Kids.
Those name was took based on their true life which being rejected by their
community and their social life as their music preference.
The band itself has its own loyal fans and been played for some rock festivals
and school music festivals also for the school farewell both in Jakarta and Tangerang
Rejected Kids released their first compilation album in the year of 2005
and been sold in some local independent music shop or independent clothing shops.
The Album was produced by Constantine Record (and independent label).
As the band growth, Rejected Kids felt that they need extra guitar player.
After some jam session, putra joint the band as their new guitarist.
He quickly adapt with the other members and produce new sounds for the band identity.
With 4 members in the band, Rejected Kids now is trying to expand their crowed with their
awesome performance and their first EP "unspoken feeling released on mid of december 2007.
Rejected Kids, become one of PLUSH skate rock shop Home band after Erik Indarto
and manage under Plush Talent Company.
Being honest with their music preference , speak with their lyrics
and think with their rock habits,
Rejected Kids will continue their battle to keep exist in their own way.




  • Daryl Lee said:
    great Dec 21
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    please check this out guys.....www.purevolume.com/AGLAONEMA Aug 16
  • Qdot said:
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  • toto riswandi pratama said:
    cadas euy yg anak 3sakti yg basist atau gitarisnya nii kang? Jul 13
  • nino ajjah said:
    huy guys you songs like green room i like you guy's hahahi damn akmal shit!! Oct 17

unspoken feeling

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