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How To Earn Money Online With Amazon

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This is going to be a long term process and you will have to post reviews continually. Choosing a category you have no interest in can be setback.
Sign up for Amazon associates
By signing up for this program, you accept the fact that you will promote products from Amazon on your website by posting links, banners, and/or widgets. Once you sign in, for every product you will find this grey strip that will give a personal link to that product from your website.
Eearn cash online every time someone clicks on that link, comes to Amazon and buys the product, you earn a maximum of 15% commission.
Using Amazon associates
Amazon can turn your website into this online shopping mall without the need for any big programming skills! Apart from offering links and widgets to their website, you can start an aStore in your website. This aStore enables the user to add Amazon products to their shopping cart right from your website. It is like a mini retail outlet of Amazon.
You can also promote Amazon’s affiliate sites such as smallparts.com and earn 15% referral commission. What you do is build links from your site to Amazon. By doing this you are not only earning money, but doing yourself a favour. How? When you link your site to a popular site, your search engine ranking goes up. When someone research for a keyword linked with your site, your website will be in top few results. This will in turn bring more traffic to your site. And we all know what a good news it is to have loads and loads of traffic!
Amazon advertising API
This is an advanced form of advertising for developers. By using this program in combination with Amazon associates, you can use advanced resources from Amazon to advertise the products.
Placing ads in your website and blogs with online money earnings.
You basically need lot of traffic in your website to make a sale and hence earn the commission. To attract traffic, you need to make your website good looking, easy to access, rich of competent keywords and with truthful reviews.
Links can easily get incorporated in your site content or review. Banners take up space around your content. You can choose whichever type of promotional tool you want according to the needs and provisions of your website.
If your visitors click on your link to Amazon only to find a broken link or a totally different product, they are going to lose their faith in you. Hence, by being truthful and maintaining quality, you are securing your spot as a permanent website for people to come back to.
Promote your site to promote Amazon products & earn money online
This can get tricky. You want to promote your site, to promote Amazon products. For this reason, you can use other platforms such as social networking and blogs. People visit your site and look at the products you are trying to promote from Amazon. If they find it interesting enough to buy, they might click the link. Due to Amazon’s credibility, you have a very high percentage of actually making a sale!
Getting paid
Amazon keeps track of all your links and referrals. make money online, earn money online with Amazon, earn money online with Amazon

Posted May 22, 2012 at 8:13pm