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Reign Of Wrath


Genres: Metal / Progressive / Death Metal

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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4 tracks

Members: Sumant Raju (Vocals), Vinay Joseph(Lead Guitars), Prashanth Raju(Rythm Guitars), Mohd Asif (Bass), Alap Abooty (Drums)

Current Lineup:

Sumanth Rohi Raju (Vox)
Vinay Joseph (Lead Guitars)
Prashanth Raju (Rythm guitars)
Mohd. Asif (Bass)
Alap Abooty (Drums)



1)Death At Daybreak.. Lyrics: Sumanth Raju. Music: Mohd Asif & Vinay Joseph.
2)Reborn.. Lyrics: Sumanth Raju. Music: Vinay Joseph & Alap Abooty.
3)Bloodlust.. Lyrics: Sumanth Raju. Music: Vinay Joseph.
4)Spiritual Stigmata.. Lyrics: Vinay Joseph. Music: Vinay Joseph.
5)Blood Spilled, Blood Earned.. Lyrics: Sumanth Raju. Music: Vinay Joseph.

By Feb 2007, 7th Seal was headed towards an end as bottled up opinions and feelings started emerging and disputes broke out within the band due to personal indifferences...Growl Vocalist Murtaza was the first to leave..he left for Malaysia for his further education slowing the band down...Next in line to leave was Sumant as he left for Bangalore in India for his education...the band decided that the best thing to do was to take a break at the time...Soon after Asif left as well to India for his education leaving behind Vinay and Alap...As jam sessions and practise time had almost completely stopped, the free time gave all the band members time to think things over and make some desicions regarding the band...

Vinay & Asif had started writing new material and soon enough, Alap & Vinay started jamming again workin on new material and the new stuff seemed heavier and much more progressive than what they had been doin early on...this change in style encouraged them to keep going and they named the first song as Reborn...It was their way of saying that although they had a rough time..things were better and the music sounded better than ever...Soon Sumanth came back from India to take over the vocal duties and they seemed determined to work on new material...Desperately in need of a Rythm guitarist, Vinay started training Sumanth's brother Prashanth in the art of Guitars as he had been wanting to be a part of the band for quite some time now...within a couple of months he had picked it up and had joined the band as the rythm guitarist...Asif was the next to come down and take up bass duties and the band seemed back in full flow with a new energy and vigour towards the music...Fans who frequented the jam room were left awestruck as the new style of music was heavier and the band seemed much tighter than before...

Jam sessions went on till 4 to 5am in the morning...soon they had enough material for a new album and decided to adopt a new name...after a lot of prospective names, the entire band agreed to play under the name Reign Of Wrath...They applied for the Shamal and were one of only two bands that wer selected from the United Arab Emirates from 9 bands throughout Asia from 9000+ entries...Soon they played the Xmas Bazaar in December and that was their first show under the new name and with the new sound...They have played many shows after that and have been going strong ever since...the new album is currently being recorded in Abu Dhabi and is set to be released during the summer of 2008....


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  • j0e/ said:
    nw u gyz sound diff.. good wrk bt growlin was inaudible at crtain areas Sep 02
  • j0e/ said:
    nw u gyz sound diff.. good wrk bt growlin was inaudible at crtain areas Sep 02
  • Muz!k Fr3@k said:
    GREATT JOB!!! bt da muzik quality dsnt sound wel... GUITAR TRAX ROCK!!! AS ALWAYZZ!!! n sumant dsnt sound 2 gud wd da growln... da band has becum heavier 4 sure!!! my personal opinion: i love rise from the ashes betr!!! n id rate dis e.p 7 outa 10!!! anywayz..KEEP IT BRUTAL!!! m/ Jul 11

Reborn E.P

Jul 11, 2008

Reborn E.P

Jul 11, 2008

Reborn E.P

Jul 11, 2008

Reborn E.P

Jul 11, 2008



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