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seize foreign fashion brands in the market, there is still a long way to go. However, the increase

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 online shopping domestics gradually began to become the trend. Late last year a few online shopping frenzy, also took the opportunity to fire a handful of domestic products in online shopping. Some experts have analyzed the current revitalized domestic brand sales channels no systematic procedures, difficult large-scale air max 95 distribution in the marketing of domestic products affected. So you want to quickly seize foreign fashion brands in the market, there is still a long way to go. However, the increase in online shopping domestics, physical store presence more and more, such as domestics, all show the brand's position in the promotion of domestic products, the trend of domestic products continues. Mass breakout by some old domestics represent a lot of


 people are on their domestic network Amoy. Network is a small brand domestics important sales channel, because they can not mass market distribution in the store, only to borrow low-cost network platform. Search domestic brands will find that there are a considerable number of domestic brands is old business. Old enterprise network platform choice, not only because of online shopping has become a trend, more a fancy network of low-cost and large-scale consumer groups. Many old enterprise market operators, "said domestics shopping surge on old is a great opportunity, more and more people are concerned about domestic, old have more opportunities to show themselves, which is not much old market development get the chance. "Domestics up to the people think, 


everyone was willing to buy the classic old brand, one can express their patriotism, more importantly, the people of these strong emotions perfusion old brand merchandise quality is very reliable, and some classic old merchandise to buy back even can collection. Online shopping usher after buying frenzy, and is now generally face the test of the quality of trust. Recently, many brands are caught in fake online shopping, Returns deception trouble. Old has always been high quality, high integrity known, has withstood the test of integrity and quality waves, old brand's credibility may  air max 90 essential rise again to a new level. Quanzhou industrial clusters for promoting the development of private economy plays an important role can not be ignored. Driven by the industry cluster effect, 


Posted Feb 05, 2015 at 1:04am