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the right size, brand, standardization direction. The city's industrial output value of enterprises

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Quanzhou private economy developed rapidly, nike flyknit air max there a number of stars of a certain size enterprises and competitive products, and the right size, brand, standardization direction. The city's industrial output value of enterprises above designated size, the non-public share up to 92%. The textile, clothing, footwear and other industrial clusters to create the city's total industrial output value of industrial output value accounted for 70%. In addition, the formation of industrial clusters in Quanzhou, a larger size and a higher share of the total. Jinjiang footwear production as there are now more than 3,000 enterprises, employing over 35 million people, the annual output of more than 700 million pairs, the annual output value of over 150 billion yuan and exports


 worth over $ 1.2 billion, the products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions . Jinjiangchendai ditch Nishimura is elegant birds Co. fortune Feng Shui. A few years ago, by land constraints, and other factors affecting the lack of talent, elegant birds began to frequently go out to visit, want to give yourself to find a broader space. However, after the inland provinces such as Anhui, walked around, Secretary of the Board Zhou Shiyong elegant birds found almost no place to have such a perfect Jinjiang footwear chain. "Corporate relocation, although able to obtain the   air max thea necessary land for development, but because of the transfer of land supporting industries lag, in many cases, but not conducive to the development of enterprises." Mature industrial clusters,


 complete industrial chain, become elegant birds choose reason for leaving. Jinjiang has now become an important production base of China's largest production base of sneakers and sports shoes in the world, forming a finished shoes, shoe machine, shoe, leather, footwear and chemical companies go hand in hand, the development of one-stop production of interactive collaborative clusters . Quanzhou booming industrial clusters have been recognized at home and abroad. Back in 2008, related activities by the Institute of Industrial Economics of CASS sponsored, selected Pokka industrial clusters with regional characteristics and competitiveness of industrial clusters in Quanzhou (Licheng) luggage industry clusters, Jinjiang casual sports shoes industry industrial 


Posted Feb 05, 2015 at 1:04am