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companies, such as the seven wolves clothing, Qipai, Lee Lang and footwear Anta, Xtep,

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clusters clusters, lions and other casual apparel industry clusters in Quanzhou area of five award. Quanzhou effective specialization within private enterprise clusters, improve collaboration system, developed market facilities for the development of enterprise clusters of individual enterprises to provide a very favorable environment for development, so that part of the strength of relatively strong tradition of small and medium private enterprises by, primary processing enterprises to "specialized, sophisticated, special, superior" competitive enterprises and a large group of enterprise  air max 90 hyperfuse  development, and the emergence of a number on the scale, on the level, on the level of well-known companies, such as the seven wolves clothing, Qipai, Lee Lang and footwear Anta, Xtep,


 Sanliuyidu like. Xtep Group chairman DingShuiBo 10 years ago have not been fortunate that the energy used in the expansion of their plants and production lines, but chose cooperation and outsourcing factories. In 2001, Nicholas Tse and TWINS wear shoes on the feet of flames I Xtep generation, sales reached 1.2 million pairs, setting a single product domestic shoe sales records. The next year, looking at the machine at full capacity of staff and overtime, DingShuiBo first thought is to build two production lines, but fortunately this was going to be in charge of planning, 


deputy general manager of production and administration WANG rain stopped on the grounds that production section can be transferred to productive cooperation factories, Xtep brand just do it. Also, back in 2001, when 80 percent of Jinjiang footwear enterprises are still earn meager profits for foreign brand OEM, in keeping with the brothers in leading edge Anta, had half the yield of more than 20 delegates to collaborate factory. Today, Anta shoes production, compared to just 36.9%, 14.4%.air max classic bw Companies within the cluster by common industrial culture and values, and formed a cooperation and trust-based social networks, making it easier to trade between enterprises reached, which not only makes the time and expense of the enterprise search market information


Posted Feb 05, 2015 at 1:04am