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Government Work Report" Currently, only Quanzhou Taobao shop on more than

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 to save, and the cluster makes use of spatial proximity greatly reduces the cost of each transaction. Under this, the spatial extent of industrial clusters in Quanzhou, industry distribution, the number of enterprises, etc. have shown a certain degree of growth and diffusion, Quanzhou all cities and counties to enter into the economic development of cities and counties in Fujian Province and strong, and there is column hundred cities and counties of Jinjiang, Shishi, Nanan, Hoi An and other counties ranks. Develop e-commerce, the introduction of three-year plan to implement e-commerce development, e-commerce model city and create a national demonstration base. air max 1  - Excerpt from "Government Work Report" Currently, only Quanzhou Taobao shop on more than 


70,000, there are more than 8,000 urban centers, the country ranked No. 5 in the prefecture-level city. 2011 Quanzhou many famous enterprises online sales highs, Anta reached 160 million yuan, 120 million yuan special steps, Jordan and 361 degrees and so more than 50 million yuan; Street area of downtown happy individual industrial and commercial households, non-line on well-known brand sales of nearly 20,000 daily orders. Due to the rapid development and unique advantages, Quanzhou has become the largest, most concentrated shoes e-commerce supply base, was listed as one of the four e-commerce industry base. However, Quanzhou, e-commerce is facing many bottlenecks: Most shop alone "operations", failed to form a cohesive force; 


inadequate school-enterprise cooperation, professional talent shortage; the lack of complete and improve the supply chain, can not play in Quanzhou scale industrial clusters. City two sessions this year, industrial party committee Quanzhou, Quanzhou, China Zhi Gong Party Committee and the Municipal CPPCC Standing Committee Cai Wenliang Quanzhou electricity supplier industry is very concerned about, air max 180 have to make recommendations to promote the development of electronic commerce. [Proposal] shoes background in business inventories nearly billion backlog,



Posted Feb 05, 2015 at 1:03am