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operators, vendors. [Proposed] members of the construction industry, e-commerce platform

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 according to the development of the electricity supplier digestion Quanzhou business park network operators related parties, late last year, Jinjiang and Shishi Xiefu inventory of nearly 100 million. How quickly digest inventory, many companies have chosen to develop e-commerce. Why is this so promising e-commerce According to statistics, in 2011, Quanzhou online trading volume more than 48.2 billion yuan, an increase of 37.6%, accounting for 4.7% of total annual retail sales, ranking first in the province, the country sixteenth?; Quanzhou sports shoes, casual shoes, velvet padded clothes online sales accounted for 70%, 55%, 68%, respectively. Quanzhou has become the country's largest and most concentrated shoes e-commerce supply base, Quanzhou


 has also been listed as one of the four e-commerce industry base. Inadequate electricity supplier development potential bottlenecks compared to Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other cities in the developed, as well as e-commerce development in Quanzhou not a small gap: First, the lack to lead the city, the province's e-commerce development and extensive business enterprises platform, the second is the lack of good operating environment and the development of e-commerce environment, the third is infrastructure to support e-commerce development lag, lack of professionals, four is not enough government investment and support efforts on e-commerce.  nike huarache  In the absence of certain network operators, carrier platform gathering, many fighting alone in the shop rent suites, did not form a joint force. And due to lack of cooperation with enterprises, e-commerce operations personnel, technical personnel shortage. Also, due to the lack 


of a complete supply chain, manyconverse all star producers did not make full use of e-commerce marketing, suppliers find good electricity providers, operators, vendors. [Proposed] members of the construction industry, e-commerce platform Cai Wenliang Municipal CPPCC Standing Committee recommended the establishment of industry-based e-commerce platform, to provide the industries comprehensive, systematic and timely information, including market, raw materials, products, services, prices, technical , equipment and policies conducive to the convergence of industrial clusters industrial strength, and concerted efforts to develop domestic and international markets; help each node on the chain enterprises to reduce transaction costs, 



Posted Feb 05, 2015 at 1:03am