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Reeve Oliver


Genres: Indie / Rock

Location: San Diego, CA

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Members: Sean, Brad & O

We are a 3 piece rock outfit from Hillcrest, Ca. We like playing music, but that's obvious right, cuz thats what bands do. I'm just filling space because purevolume says our bio has to be 50 words long. Hey hey hey hey hey hey whats up>? No, Just kidding. We have a record coming out on the Militia Group on 9.21.04... here are some songs from the album. Thanks!

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  • Scottface said:
    you know, ever since I heard I Want Burns three years ago, I have been such a big fan. to this day it is one of my favorite songs. Sep 12
  • igloo-hobo said:
    you guys are so great live! Oct 29
  • Fix the Lampshade! said:
    so I\'m the insane Brad Davis lover. That\'s right y\'all. I\'m the original Brad Lova. Teehee, my future husband. Jul 27
  • R's not on here anymore said:
    Reeve\'s > Ask Jeeves Jul 15
  • R's not on here anymore said:
    I listened to \"Sunshine\" on your Myspace - it\'s tight. Put it up here quick! Jun 26
  • robot_hitchhiker said:
    Yay! I\'m excited that you guys are coming to SDSU tomorrow! I\'ll be there! Apr 23
  • orcagaden said:
    Caught you guys for the first time at the Switchfoot show in NC Buies Creek. You guys are great! You put on a great show and your music rocks gotta see a show you guys headline one day that would be awesome. Got the CD and a Shirt MY STOOOOOOOOVEE!!!!!!!! Apr 20
  • #1musicguru said:
    wow! u guys are like the best! i have to see u guys live! Jan 14
  • said:
    Oh man.. You guys are awesome.... I imediatlly fell in love with your music and I cannot stop listening to it.... Bianca Einemo is one of my good friends and I was with her when you guys played House of Blues on December 17... It was awesome.... And I must add that I could not keep my eyes off Brad... You are the funniest drummer I have ever seen!!! Hope to see you guys again... Bianca and I made a plan to make sure we know when your next show is... Dec 22
  • aikobear said:
    i love the song an offer she can\'t refuse. :D Dec 10
  • bosoxnyjetsfan91 said:
    Add Comment here... Dec 02
  • laroldpbody said:
    When are you guys releasing your latin album? Yo Quiero FUEGO! Oct 24
  • excapingjoe said:
    I just saw these guys in duluth. They KICK ASS. It was the first time i saw them and they rocked out. Nice Sweeter! Cant wait to see them again Sep 13
  • LOVESit said:
    amazing show last night in vancouver. Sep 05
  • A Mellow Chill said:
    Add Comment here... Feb 12

The Reeveolution EP

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The Reeveolution EP

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