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Genres: Rock / Pop

Location: Parry Sound, ON

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Members: Jeremy Michaelis, Dennis Michaelis, Jason Rosewell, Kevin Swartwood

Red Umbrella

With '90s power pop influences in tow, Canadian rockers Red Umbrella have concocted a winning formula of crunchy new wave splendor. Fans of the Posies, Semisonic, andFountains of Wayne now have a reason to live again, thanks to the delightful melodic pop on Wishing for Boardwalk. The boys have been compared to Coldplay, but all the Brit-pop sound-alikes in the universe could not muster the peppy confidence that lead vocalist/guitarist Jeremy Michaelis evokes with each note.

For instance, the hook-filled "Home" sounds like it could have been lifted straight from Oasis' hit collection Stop the Clocks, complete with a piano hook bigger than Noel Gallagher's ego. But rather than sport a revivalist sound, Red Umbrellacome off with a triumphantly new sonic mix that puts them in the same ballpark as the Killers.

Crunchy guitars lead the first single, "Straitjacket" an open-ended query as to the meaning of life. Other winning tracks include "Run," "What About Me?," and "Slide." The grungy power pop of late-career Posies makes Boardwalk a charming effort through and through. Particularly heard during the iTunes era when a generation of listeners can pick and choose single songs without ever really digesting a full album's worth of music from the same artist, Boardwalk is an achievement of consistent - and sometimes even brilliant - rock & roll.

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  • Nickie said:
    where are you guys having the show in Great Bend at? I would love to go since I don't even have to drive far to get there! Feb 05
  • schectermaster said:
    Ever since your first album I was like, "man, they need to release another!" and now, forever later, new songs are present! Thank you guys! Nov 16
  • .MelleAri. said:
    Sensational. Aug 29
  • ashley said:
    You Guys are really good. I love the sound. Aug 28
  • PEAC3 & L0VE said:
    hey you guys are hott!!! hehe ; ) Mar 18
  • meatsux said:
    i saw you guys over the summer in ohio......you guys were awesome Jan 17
  • Drgnslyr23 said:
    This is the first time I\'ve ever listened to you guys...... and to tell the truth, you got talent... Dec 12
  • Night Wolfchild said:
    Yo.... I LUV YOU GUYS!!!! Sep 12
  • what_ever_or_what_if said:
    u guys r amazing. Jermey ur eyes r very very pretty i was on ur myspace and i saw the weight lifting video..... it made my nite!!! it was just kinda funny..... im listenin to ur music rite now keep it up ;-) love you lots ashley Apr 28
  • ashley_loves_u said:
    hey guys!!!! ho wya doin???? u guys rock................ i saw u guys @ heritage church!!!!!!!!!! im like in love w/ ur band every one there is in love with u guys hope u all come back very soon Apr 12
  • ashley_loves_u said:
    hey guys!!!! i was at ur concert last night, jt was amazing!!!!!!! you like my favorite band in the world.........jeremy...... you have GORGEOUS EYES !!!!!!! i have a friend that is a really great singer and she wants to get out there.....so what would you tell her as advise????? later, ashley Apr 05
  • BananaJam said:
    rock on guys. Feb 04
  • BananaJam said:
  • indiegirl13 said:
    hey guys, i was at the concert in indy with all of the above, and jessica russo, from westfield. the show was awesome!! i hope you guys can come back soon; im loving the CD. thanks so much for coming!!! :D Jan 27
  • Raveneth said:
    Hey guys! I saw you in Elizabeth town! You rock! My favorite song was Slow Cab, nad I cant wait to buy the album. Come back to E-town again! I really wanna see you all again! Dec 05

Living And Surviving

Nov 11, 2008

Wishing For Boardwalk

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