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Genres: Rock / Ambient

Location: Franklin, TN

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Members: Michael, Anthony, Randy, Jasen

2 time GRAMMY-nominated modern rock band RED has released its second CD, INNOCENCE & INSTINCT, on February 10, 2009,

The Grammy nominated-INNOCENCE & INSTINCT offers a primal and provocative look into the dark and sometimes seemingly hopeless "fight inside" each one of us, told through the powerful sphere of the band's hard-hitting music. Produced by award-winning Rob Graves and mixed by Ben Grosse (Disturbed, Depeche Mode, Sevendust), the provocative INNOCENCE & INSTINCT was forged in a perfect storm of inspiration and catastrophe. From the literary spark of Dante's Inferno to the bloody aftermath of a 75mph highway crash, RED absorbed a flood of ideas and emotions that empowered the band to create powerful and thought-provoking rock songs. Finding the sonic sweet spot where epic and primal converge, INNOCENCE & INSTINCT features dynamics that super-charge its innocence vs. instinct theme.

"INNOCENCE & INSTINCT is about the duality of man," explains guitarist/songwriter Armstrong. "The album examines the fight between our childlike innocence and the instinctive side that makes us do things we shouldn't. A lifetime is spent on this internal tug of war between who we really are and who we hope to be."

A highway crash in late 2007 accelerated the band's emotional core. As their tour van smashed into a guardrail and violently slid sideways across the highway, the band experienced new heights of horror that they channeled into INNOCENCE & INSTINCT. "It brought an intensity and depth that we couldn't reach without going through this experience," Barnes reflects. "In the months after the accident, it felt like everything was in overdrive." "In a split second, it changed our lives," adds six-stringer ANTHONY ARMSTRONG.

The disc is highlighted by its first Rock radio single, "Fight Inside." "The song is an anthem for what the entire album is about. On our first release, End of Silence, we addressed issues we struggled with, but this time it's about the struggle itself," says guitarist Anthony Armstrong. "It encapsulates the struggle between 'innocence' and 'instinct' that resonates through all the songs on this record. The music captures the internal tug-of-war inside all of us; between good and evil, light and darkness, spirit and flesh, exploring that fragile barrier between overcoming and being overcome."

RED made an immediate impact with its 2006 debut, End of Silence, which to date has sold sold more than 330,000 copies and earned several awards and nominations. The GRAMMY-nominated disc--featuring the radio hits "Breathe Into Me" (Top 10, Active Rock), "Break Me Down" (No.1, Christian Rock), "Already Over" (Top 15, Active Rock), "Let Go" (Top 15, Active Rock) and "Lost" (No.1, Christian Rock) -- introduced the sonic layering, rich orchestration and visceral dynamics that became RED's signature sound. The album steadily built momentum, cracking the Billboard Top 200 a year after its release. Not surprisingly, the album became a hit with other bands as well, leading to tours and shows with Papa Roach, Sevendust, Three Days Grace, Flyleaf, Buckcherry, Puddle Of Mudd, Staind, Seether, Disciple, Third Day and Switchfoot, among others.

Catch RED on tour: go to www.redmusiconline.com for current band updates.

The Band:

Michael Barnes (Vocals)
Randy Armstrong (Bass) - twin brother to Anthony
Anthony Armstrong (Guitar) - twin brother to Randy
Joe Rickard (Drums)


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