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Genres: Punk / Hardcore / Rock

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Stats: 32 fans / 15,063 plays / 18 plays today






Members: Petter (guitar, lead vocals), Philip (bass, vocals), Andy (drums) Sam (guitar)

Rebuke is a melodic punk / hardcore band from Gothenburg, Sweden that has been around since 2003. Their brand of music has it's roots in the mid 90s californian punk rock scene, but is blended with a bit of hardcore and a few slices of metal riffs, to form a distinct sound.

Lyrically they cover everything from politics to personal topics, always in a sophisticated manner to fit the music like a glove. After being a trio for a long time the band got a new drummer and a second guitarist in early 2008. Over the years they've put out an array of DIY releases, but the latest album "Wouldworks", really stands out as a new top watermark for the band, both performance and sound wise. Since 2009 they've regularly been touring all over Europe, constantly improving their live act and playing-skills. In 2010 they signed with Kickass Records in Belgium and Disconnect Disconnect Records in the UK.

Refusing to slow down, or give up over the fact that their music might not be what the radio wants to play, labels want to sign, or even what the kids of today listens to on Myspace while dyeing their hair, Rebuke continues to rage on with their speedy drumming, catchy hooks and heavy riffs. See you in the pit!



  • dens diorama said:
    the only words is that its really freaking awesome... Jul 28
  • VolcomRose said:
    freaking amazing sound tho gents...awesome May 18
  • VolcomRose said:
    uhhhh. is your name really petter? Or is that a typo?? please say yes cuz that's just weird. May 18
  • King : A : [ASTR] said:
    perfect guitaring Mar 10
  • I Killed Emo said:
    Hey I found a link to this on mx forums, so I downloaded the three songs you got up now. I think they\'re very good. The lyrics in Kill Stereotypes is excellent, describes my thoughts perfectly. Mar 19


Apr 05, 2010

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May 01, 2007

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